Venting, Ranting and Frustrations (Updated. Topic Expanded)

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Thumbs up Venting, Ranting and Frustrations (Updated. Topic Expanded)

Revised 03-2017

Forum intent is a location to post your frustrations, rants and or a vent.

Relieve life's stress's, frustrations, anxieties and displeasures etc.......

Being angry is okay too... Vent and/or Rant here.

Venting and/or Ranting is Good for one's overall better health doctor say's.

Bare in mind this is only a temporary test forum subject for now.

If forum subject is popular it can remain...

If not, it will be deleted........Or removed from public viewing....

Bare In Mind Also

All web site and Forum rules apply.

Avoid specifically naming companies etc.
Helps to avoid law suites.

Keeps our lawyers happy...

No off topic posts allowed. All web site & forum rules apply.

Got It? You Hear Me??? LOL!

Got questions and/or improvement suggestions?

Advise Me Or

Ask or advise me via a PM Or Dial Me Up.

All past threads on the subjects topics in Chats and/or elsewhere on the site should be moved here, leaving a one week time span.

Anyone whom cares to assist me would be much appreciated...

Moderator(s) wanted.... Advise.

You Got Milk?:

Oh No. Out of Milk!!!

Drink BEER......

BTW: New similes added. For those whom like them and use them.

Take a look ... and see. Check them out.


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