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Bare in mind this is only a temporary test forum subject for now.
That would be Bear (hold) in mind...

Bare In Mind Also
Again, bear is the correct word.

BTW: New similes added.
SMILIES, or emoticons. Emoji would also be a correct word for this purpose. A simile is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things. Simile | Define Simile at

You really need to brush up on your spelling, usage and grammar, Sharp.
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It's been nice knowing you Joel .

On a serious note, now that you have opened the door, is it good for business (the forum) to risk ticking new members off because of spelling and grammar? I don't read a lot, but this forum is not the only place where our language is falling apart and any effort we make to correct same will have absolutely no affect on the problem. But it can have an effect on our membership. (BTW I tried to resolve affect/effect and couldn't, the internet and Word didn't agree)

I don't have a solution, but if I were still running a face to face business with my customers I certainly wouldn't be complaining about their spelling, as long as their CC was approved.

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I don't read a lot, but this forum is not the only place where our language is falling apart and any effort we make to correct same will have absolutely no affect on the problem.
Neither will it have any effect (the correct word for the context) upon the problem but I still try.

I don't make corrections anywhere near as often as I once did and Sharp is hardly a newcomer to these forums. Or is the proper Latin plural fora? Authorities seem to differ on the latter.

But it can have an effect on our membership.
Yes, it could have one of two effects, I think you see the correction as having a negative effect, the member will get POed and never return. I, however, see it as a matter of education, which in my mind is the primary purpose of these forums, to educate people in areas where they are deficient whether that be on how to wire an electrical receptacle, make a drywall patch or the best methods of caring for a lawn. My spelling, usage and grammar corrections are meant to have the recipient look inward and think of how they can better communicate with others. It is NOT meant to belittle or show disdain on my part for a less educated person on a subject that ALL (myself included) could benefit from receiving help.

Written language is VERY important in total communication and different words have come about to mean very different things. It is, in my opinion, unfortunate that in the last fifty years or so that language arts have been so downgraded to the point that no matter what a person uses for words others are somehow supposed to interpret them in the same manner that the writer had intended they be interpreted. Some words have all but become extinct as of recent times. To wit, the word there is almost universally used by the masses even when the correct word would be their or they're, leaving the reader to make an assumption as to what the writer meant.

I'm an engineer and details ARE important to me. If I don't KNOW what you are writing (or thinking) because you don't use a universal language I can't help you to understand the complex processes that explain the reasoning behind the scenes. That is also why my responses are often so long and drawn out, I want to ensure (not insure) that the reader fully understands the ideas and techniques I am trying to impart. If he, or she, cannot be bothered with the differences between there and their then why should I waste my time in response?

I could go on for several pages but I won't.
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Furd, I looked up contiguous after your gentle correction in Electrical but while I can see its use in that context I believe continuous as I used it is more likely to be understood by the average reader in that context.
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Notice that I did not state that continuous was wrong but simply used contiguous as a better word. I do not write to "the lowest common denominator" (least educated person reading) but strive to make my statements correct in all aspects. I sometimes fail but I do try.

Ray, look at it as a learning experience, your vocabulary is now richer by one word.

An aside.

I wasn't always this insufferable and I have become more so in my later years. As previously explained a large part is due to my training as an engineer where being meticulously (yes, I needed spell check on that word) correct is important. It is also due to a Language Arts teacher I had, I think in junior high school, named Mr. Lovelace. He had pictures cut from various magazines all over the room and each week we studied a picture to learn new vocabulary words. One was of a model wearing a wristwatch with the Roman Coliseum (or Colosseum) in the background. The word was anachronism, being out of place according to time. Mr. Lovelace made learning new words fun.

Last edited by Furd; 08-19-16 at 09:30 PM. Reason: Added alternate spelling for the Roman landmark.)
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I like this area to vent and show some disdain for certain practices be they by a company or something else within the rules of course.
I do happen to agree with you Joel about spelling and grammar and I do appreciate your corrections as I am not the greatest at grammar or spelling but I try. My niece I have always tried to correct her grammar and spelling ever since she was in school but it has been a losing battle. I think the main thing that is ruining grammar and spelling is social media. Us older folks fifty and older do fine but the younger ones what exactly are you saying anyway! That is my biggest gripe and vent.
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Hi, Richard.

While I agree that "social media" has its share of the blame the greater blame must land on the schools and the current practice of giving credit to the student for incorrect answers because he/she tried. Seven plus five will never equal thirteen, no matter how hard the student "tries" and there will never be possessive no matter how much the student wants it to be. Self esteem is gained by doing the work correctly, not by false praise from a teacher "feeling sorry" for a poor student. This is all classed under the umbrella term "political correctness" and it is a disservice to all. We need to get back to teaching absolutes.

And yes, there ARE absolutes.
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Furd: Joel.

There are two words pertaining to word usage and correct spelling. Bare is the correct word to use and I have done so per the dictionary!

One is BEAR.

The LARGE HAIRY wild & Dangerous animal. Not one to tease. Nor annoy or challenge.

The other is >BARE< as in to cope and or endure. Per dictionary: Naked, not concealed, empty, leaving nothing to spare, plain, etc..

I have endured your constant corrections pertaining to spelling and grammar usage, as have many others. Both the OP's and those of the Moderators. Enough is enough!

Far to many of us have endured and coped with your constant notations of spelling and or grammar corrections, etc. Becomes all to annoying and impolite.

Time has come for you to cool off!

Point Made.
Case & Thread Closed.
Court Adjourned.

Time for judge and jurors to have a brew:

Edited In Notes:
Time for me to vent!

I hope I discovered both a need for some members and a benefit to others. A place for some to vent and a place for some to read others vents. Thus the creation of this newly launched forum topic. VENTING...

Reminder Note. Bare this in mind. This forum is intended as a place to vent only. Not a forum topic full of posts that are off topic, generic idle chit chat, gossip, story telling and other assorted plain BULL S--T posts!



I now just might be done with my venting. Maybe!!! ???...

Time will tell...

BTW: Constant Critiquing ones usage of words is like playing with

One should always use caution when doing so.

Additional Venting!
I has been immediately brought to my undivided attention via a PM there are other assorted dictionaries and on line sources for the meaning of BARE. None of which is the Franklin dictionary I use. A hand held digital spell checker. I use it and stand by it. PERIOD.

Additionally, my Franklin dictionary has an extremely high sentimental value to me personally. Given to me many years ago by my now deceased (11 years ago) son. One of a few. A small but highly treasured item. He may be gone but never forgotten. My he rest in peace.

If you read this thread once before, it may be a good idea to do so several more times.
Venting is prone to revisions and updates as needed or required....HA HA HA.

Excuse me for now. More site work to due.
Have you seen the newly added similes?
Some are trade skill specific and some generic.


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