Ordered a trackball but...


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Ordered a trackball but...

Ordered a trackball for one of my computers after the one I was using went belly up. I received a mouse instead. Below is the Ebay description:

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Notice it clearly states in the main description "Trackball).

Yes, last line does say mouse-black but notice the dash joining the two words so that it seems to be a specific color not a description of the pointing device.

The picture is not distinct and looking again I see what seems to be a ball when you glance at it may in fact be glare.

Only paid $6 so uless they are will to pay shipping back guess I just got a new paper weight because I hate mice and no real way to use one with my setup.

Just became a rant. They messaged back any pointing device that uses a ball is a trackball.
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PS2??? Can't be all that bad
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Well the computer it is for is so old the PSU is AT not ATX. Surprisingly it does have USB but I have never tried a USB trackball so I went with what I know works.
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Not worth pursuing. But it does bug you when this happens.
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I love track balls. I'm wearing out the built-in mouse on my laptop. It's one of those flat surface type.

So I picked up a Logictech one. What a piece of crap. I just returned it today.

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I had one of these from Kensington. Awesome piece but to big to carry with the laptop.

Name:  Trackball-Kensington-ExpertMouse5.jpg
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Pete, you returned my favorite trackball. It's the only one I've found with both back and forward buttons plus scroll. Of course their life expectancy is crap. I'm on my third one and I have to sometimes glue foam rubber against the track ball because of sloppy movement. I used a corded MS one for a long time that has the features I need but when the price jumped from $35 to $300 the love affair was over.

The computer this trackball is for unfortunately is running Win2k. I just use it for playing Freecell pro. It seems the Logitech wireless aren't compatible with Win 2K. There is a KDE game equivalent and Linux would handle the trackball but the machine has only 64 Mb of memory and a 5Gb Hd.

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