Single Use Installation!!!


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Single Use Installation!!!

Single Use Installation in this case refers to software, drivers and/or firmware installation. Specifically that which comes with an external computer device.

Example: In this case: External Hard Drive.

Procedure. Instructions are simple. Plug the device in and follow the on screen directions. If all goes well, PRESTO!... Installed. Icon should than appear in the task bar area next to the clock

That's if all does go well. If not you may be S * * T out of luck...

Enough to make a grown adult See last paragraph below

All does go well, you're likely to forget about it after setting up the program settings, etc.

That's until something some time later goes wrong with the dam computer...

Seems something somewhere in the computer or device program

rogram: is or gets all screwed up!...

Restore computer using any one of several methods you choose. Plug device into computer and the external device does >NOT< reinstall the drivers, software and/or firmware!!!...

When all does not go well: From this point onwards, it's all manual. There is no installation disks. The setup is preinstalled on the device and is a single one time use!!! Enough to piss off you know whom......GOOD GRIEF...

Lack of an installation disk saves money for the device manufacturer but can or will likely screw up your day when device needs to be reinstalled!!! And NO. There is no longer downloads for your device. Sorry. Device is long out of production. I.E. Obsolete! Buffalo device come to mind???

What's your tales of WHOA?...

With single use computer external device installations?

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Never heard of a single use installation? Exactly what are you installing? Or tried to install?

edit: Re-read your post. Yea, I guess there are a few devices like that. I have always made it a point to separate drivers and/or installation programs from the item and saved in different place.

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