trip to the dealer


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trip to the dealer

A few months ago I got a notice from Chrysler stating there was a recall on my jeep's airbag clockspring. It also said not to contact the dealer as the parts weren't available yet. Lat month I got a notice from the dealer stating I've not yet taken it in to have the recall repair. So I called, got transferred to voice mail, left a message and they never called back. So 2 weeks later I called again, explained to the girl that answered the phone that I had never been called back so she transferred me again to voice mail ..... but then she picked back up and got all my info. She called me back, said they'd order the part and gave me an appointment to have the work done on 10/21 at 8AM.

I got to the dealer at 7:50 this morning and the first thing they told me was I needed to make an appointment I told them I had an appointment! They finally decided to honor that appointment so I left the jeep. 2 hrs later they called me and said they hadn't got to the airbag yet but a multi A inspection revealed the jeep's toe in was severely out and they'd align it for $90 [plus tax] I declined. None of my tires show any abnormal wear! I'll check/fix the toe myself next week when things dry up from the rain.

They called and said they were done so I picked up my jeep. The work order states that the customer requested a Multi A vehicle safety check Nothing was said/mentioned when I dropped it off but it was free. They said my clockspring was fine and didn't need replacement. After I got home I noticed the work order stated Inspect clockspring [interim repair] ??

And folks wonder why I detest going to the dealer My wife did look at a new jeep wrangler suggesting I trade .... $44k - I think not!!
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The work order states that the customer requested a Multi A vehicle safety check
Step one in Wels-Fargoing the customer. Next you make up something scary that needs to be done now. That way they can meet their sales quota.
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I got a recall notice also. Something about the door latching system in my Focus that can cause the door to fly open. It also said the parts are not available and will notify me when they are. However, if I have had a problem they will fix it immediately! Even if parts are not available? In the meantime, don't worry if your doors are not being affected! So I should wait for my doors to fly open before I start to worry?
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Our preacher's wife has a mazda [?] that had some type of front end recall - same scenario, no parts will call you later. Well she started to town and couldn't back the car out of the driveway, so she called one of their kids, he tried, couldn't and then got out and looked at the passenger front tire which had all but fallen off. The dealer had to come get it, fix it and then put it in their body shop. Seems like it was a week or two before she got her car back. She was just thankful that it didn't break the day before when she was traveling down the interstate at 70 mph!
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Mark - your post reminded me of the time I had a wheel fall off completely. I was driving a Navy pickup down a runway at about 40 mph. All of a sudden the back end started shimmying and then suddenly the rear end went down. The truck spun but didn't flip. We watched the wheel roll on down the runway.

The truck had been serviced by the public works garage a week earlier and the rear tires changed to snow treads. The lug nuts on the other wheel were also loose.

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