Old Customers and light bulbs


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Old Customers and light bulbs

As many of you may know, I clerk in a local home improvement store. Our area's demographic is old and aging. Much higher than most of the country. I call our store the "geriatric" store of the chain.

Anyway the other day customers just got me frustrated. Classic example (this has become a joke within our store among our staff), these old, half crippled, fossils (btw... I'm old, age 66, but active) come hobbling in. They go straight for the light bulbs that happen to be on sale. Now they don't buy just one or two, but maybe 2 to 3 or more packages of 6 per bulbs per pack! WTF...I mean these people are OLD, most won't live long enough to use half those bulbs. And that's all they buy. What is going through their heads with the light bulbs? And then to top it off, they have no clue what an LED, CFL, vs an incandescent bulb is. Much less the daylight vs the soft-light.

They then hobble out, (and I kid you not most have canes and/or walkers), takes about three minutes to navigate from check out to their car. Then they drive away. I just shudder, saying to myself I'm glad I'm not on the road when they are.

Here's another one. Someone left their house and car keys at the check out. It's been three days and no one came in the claim them. How in God's name did they get home? And do they miss them? And I'll lay odds that they are old! One would think you would trace your steps to find them.

Here's another. Often the customer (always age challenged) will forget to take their package or if I'm cashing, to give it to them. They never come back! Why did they buy it to begin with?

And last but not least, have you ever gone into a fast food restaurant with senior citizens behind the counter? Don 't. Keep your sanity. Old people, like myself should be allowed to work in a fast food environment. They can't take orders and they can't keep up with the pace.

OK, I'm done venting. And much of this is tongue in cheek.
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Unfortunately, at least some of them sound like they have dementia or at least the beginnings of it.
They do strange things and forget everything. I would feel bad for them rather than vent about them. It's very sad.
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Dunno...at the grocery store I choose the line where an older woman is checking, every time....for the most part they are faster, know the codes for the produce (and know what the produce items are!) and know how to pack. And they know how to make change on the rare occasions I pay cash.

I try to be tolerant of the older folks who have lost a step or two....I know I will be there before too long...we all will. When I'm at the local hardware store (now there's a dying breed) I often see an older guy or two wandering around just looking at stuff, and I'm pretty sure they are there because it used to be their favorite place and they have fond memories. If I'm not rushed, I usually try to strike up a conversation with them, and it often seems to make their day, and mine!
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I use a cane most of the time, more for balance than because of bad legs but until I get a hold of the shopping cart I do need it. BTW, I am also 66 years old and some days I feel every single minute of it.

Old people, like myself should be allowed to work in a fast food environment.
I suspect that you meant to write should NOT work...Gotta watch that as I see it quite often and it completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

Finally, I agree with Shadeladie, remember, you may be next.
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Thinking & Thinking. Answer. Ah yes. Got It!

They go straight for the light bulbs that happen to be on sale. Now they don't buy just one or two, but maybe 2 to 3 or more packages of 6 per bulbs per pack!
Wondering why older folks buy far more light bulbs then they could possibly use in the years they have remaining on this ROCK we call EARTH?

Simple. Simple. Simple.

It's Not missile science nor rocket science. :NO NO NO: Far from either.

Older folks are tasked with keeping the lights on. The light at the end of the "TUNNEL" is one that must remain on. That light is not one huge bulb. As those found in a light house. The light in the tunnel must be made up of many bulbs. Bulbs burn out and need replacement. An old folks job. It's a tough job but somebody has to do (due?) it! HA HA.

Older folks are divided up into two groups. Some older folks are tasked with keeping that light in the "TUNNEL" on. The other folks are tasked keeping the other light on. The "GUIDING" light on. Got It? Good.......:grin:

"And Now You Know The Rest Of The Story."
Credit Source. The late but great Paul Harvey.

Edited In Note.

For those whom not yet had breakfast, it's still being served in the galley 2 levels below top deck.
Complimentary coffee and sweet rolls of various types are still available with paid breakfasts. Take your pick:

or a cookie

Excuse Me. Now time for me to exit stage left!

Have more productive work to now attend to....

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To all who replied to my venting, you are correct on your replys. And yes I meant to say "should not" about the fast food. As I said the rant was more whimsical than serious. And I do consider myself "there",
Furd, some of the nicest people are the elderly whom I get to serve anf talk to.
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On a totally different but barely related thread. I fly RC airplanes. We get a steady stream of visitors and new members to our club. Even if you are a pilot and understand all the fundamentals of flight doing it from 500 feet away by wiggling sticks on a box is a totally alien experience. We often use a "buddy box" system where a experienced person can override control so there are no crashes.

Young kids are eager to give it a try and pick up the controller without thinking about it. Middle age people will pick up the controller but treat it with care knowing it's value. Old (70+) folks are downright afraid to pick the controller up fearing that they might break it alien technology.

When flying I'm constantly amazed and put to shame at how quickly a young mind can learn something totally new. They are sponges. They don't just learn one thing but can pick up a dozen new skills simultaneously (though they often end up with their tongue subconsciously sticking out). Then the next person may be 80 and it's sad to see how hard a long life is on a brain. Tunnel vision and overload happens almost immediately. Even loud, simple commands like "LEFT"... "move the stick LEFT" fall on deaf (literal and figurative) ears. The connections in the brain just don't get made like they did decades earlier.

But when someone gets it and learns something new it's the older people realize/acknowledge that they've gotten something and it's important to them. Young kids, while polite and say thank you, don't realize how precious a ability learning can be.
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Several times a year we loose a bag of groceries at the check out Since we don't figure it out until I get home I don't bother going back - it's not worth the time and effort to drive back to town. And would they be holding my bag or have given it to the next customer ??

When I see seniors working in fast food, I feel sorry for them as the odds are they are there because they don't have enough income to stay at home or whatever. I also use a cane, mostly for getting up/down but it does come in handy on uneven ground

time for me to exit stage left!
I assume all of us understand that reference but what about our kids or grandkids
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The owner of my local hardware store is 100 years years old and shows up for work everyday and is sharp as a tack.
Knows where everything is and knows what it's for.
His name is Norton Hurd.
Lester Holt just came in and filmed a documentary on him.
I know dozens of far younger people then myself (63) that have no clue and wonder who ties there shoes for them.
When a hurricane is coming why are buying 3, gal. of milk and stocking up on electric heaters?
Why are the box stores still selling particle board and luan plywood?
Walk in to buy siding for a pump house and they did not have the first piece of 5/8 J molding and not even a spot for it.
Over hear a conversation from a clerk to a customer talking about what's the difference between IC air tight and regular can lights and the clerk says there all the same and your just wasting your money buying the IC without even asking them where they where going.
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Norm - You are a real piece of work. First it's "stupid people", then it's women and now it's the elderly. Maybe you would be better suited working as a light house keeper.
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Hi: Norm201

No offense intended. Bit of Humor based upon posts in this thread you created.

I call our store the "geriatric" store of the chain.
Slight OUCH & Minor Pinch.
Maybe you would be better suited working as a light house keeper.
As one in a light house at the marina in the bay???...HA HA.
Where the bulbs are needed...

Double OUCH!!! HUGE OUCH!!! & YIKES!!!

I suspect that you meant to write should NOT work...Gotta watch that as I see it quite often and it completely changes the meaning of the sentence.
My OUCH & Two Cents:

Be kind to very aged & well seasoned seniors. Maybe 75 yrs. + ?
Live long enough and we too will be one...
Tasked with keeping a light on.
Maybe the one in the tunnel or the one in the guiding light...
Keep the bulbs handy. We need to take them with us when we pass thru the tunnel and replace any burned out bulbs



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I didn't make the lighthouse - light bulb connection. My point was that the OP might be better off working at a job where he didn't have to deal with people. Especially "old half crippled fossils" or the forgetful and "age challenged"
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On Sunday I found out that my BIL has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. He has been having difficulty lately with short term memory. Unfortunately the prognosis is pretty grim. He is 63 years old.
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A couple years ago, I was at a major fast-food burger chain, behind an elderly man (I'm guessing he was in his 80's.) He evidently had never been in a fast food joint before. When the teenage clerk took his order and rang it up, she asked for payment, as is custom for all these types of restaurants. The elderly man got indignant and said "I didn't have my food yet, and I'm not paying for it until I get it". The young clerk told him that he had to pay first, which he again refused to do. This went back and forth for what seemed like forever. Fortunately, another register opened up and another clerk took my order, so I got my burger and fries and got out of there before I knew how the situation at the adjacent register played out. I felt sorry for him, but I found it astounding that he apparently had never purchased food at any sort of fast food restaurant that required payment upon ordering.
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Personally I read the post as hilarious humor. LOL! Well Done...

Not by any request made. By my own volition. Minor clarifications may be in order.

As stated by the author at the end of the post, the post was made to be a bit of humor. "And much of this is tongue in cheek." Meaning in jest. Not meant to criticize nor make fun of older folks. Just some humor folks. In case that aspect was not understood, comprehended, over looked or missed...

Have to face the facts of growing older folks and be happy we are aging. Many do not make it this far. Die much to young. It's a brief look into our future of aging. Can't reverse, slowdown...:NO NO NO:...nor stop aging... So we have to learn to accept it. Move on, make light (Humor) of it, learn from it, get over it, go under it or go around it...

Further more, all posts made in this thread and else ware on the site that criticize, critique, contain non beneficial and or unwarranted remarks or comments not welcomed either... That cartoon Bambi's Mom phrase: Can't say some thing nice, don't say anything at all always applies.

The statement mentioning Light House I made, for my land locked friends, refers to a light house on a coastal shore line at the entrance of a boating marina and or harbor. A warning to boaters & all vessels there is some type danger ahead notice to vessel captains. Also used to visually show land is ahead and a point of entry to a harbor in non light or night time, moon less dark hours. In some light houses there are air horns and or bells to provide additional notice and or warnings.

And now you know the rest of the story. Credit source Paul Harvey.

BTW: The inclusion of many smilies indicates many more recently added for those whom like to use them and wanted or requested additional choices....

Of Yeah! I have many extra light bulbs on hand in storage to take with me as I pass thru the tunnel when my time comes. First pit stop however before hand will be a long stay in Rock and Roll Heaven. Hear they have a HELL-of-a-band up there...LOL. Music Lyrics Credit Source Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield. The Righteous Brothers...


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