Soccer moms - and soccer grandparents


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Soccer moms - and soccer grandparents

We just spent a week minding the grandkids (boys age 15 and 8) while my daughter and her husband went on a short vacation. At the end of the week we had logged more than 600 miles on our car. Back and forth to school (40 miles R/T-80 miles per day) and then band practice, choir, scouts and karate. Add soccer games and soccer practices (different times and fields) and by the end of the week we were ready to run up the white flag and head for Canada.

Both my daughter and her husband work full time and I don't know how they can keep up with her kid's schedule (I guess kids these days all have schedules). I was talking to a young woman at a soccer game, discussing all the different programs her kids were involved in and I asked her how she coped - her reply "lots of wine." So I guess it's not just us old guys that drink.
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Don't ask what all of those activities cost....

I have one tween-age daughter and have been applying for part time jobs (in addition to my full time job) to cover the costs of her activities.
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The most amusing sporting event I ever went to was when we saw our grandson play soccer when he 5. Where ever the ball landed, all those little kids surrounded it and all you saw were little legs kicking until someone connected and the ball went elsewhere .... then they'd run, surround the ball and repeat
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Yes, today's youth are more involved with activities than they were when I was kid. The only gripe I have is that the activities are too structured and always cost something. Back when I and my parents were kids, money was no object because there was none. Kids made up their own rules and were very resourceful in getting what they needed. That won't fly in today's society.

I my family's case my wife and I put on the brakes on many activities and told the kids to choose one or two and devote their time to those assuming they kept up their grades. I'll never forget my younger son being mad at us for not letting him take up the trumpet a year earlier. We knew he was not ready. He now understands. Both he and his wife operate a music store and both play trumpet for several bands all while holding full time jobs.
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Reminds me of a conversation I was having with one of our crews at break time this morning. We are working across the road from a municipal recreation center, and had noticed a pile of snow that never disappeared in the front lawn. Talking with the manager of the facility we're at, learned that, as we had assumed, it's the scrapings from the ice rink, and I forget now, but seems like he said they grind the ice every hour or two. Every day, day in and day out. Cannot imagine the cost of having a municipal employee doing just that all day. I couldn't help reminiscing to the days when we played hockey, in the winter of course, and this was the time of year when we started tweaking our skates and sticks, waiting for the ponds to freeze. Of course we were also capable of winning WWII with an M1, aka Louisville slugger, or a battle tested bomber, aka a couple of old orange crates or whatever we could get our hands on. Just seems that the kids today are pretty coddled. Well, not to say that we haven't all heard that before, from our own parents and grandparents, who, God bless their souls, walked up hill both ways to and from

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