Computer phone calls


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Computer phone calls

Here's another gripe.

The Medicare Advantage insurance company I contracted with is constantly having their computer call me with some silly thing or another. The stupid computer butchers my name and I REFUSE to acknowledge the Anglicization of my surname. The name was good enough for my father, my grandfather, my great grandfather and all the rest so WHY should I have to accept what some stupid computer is trying to tell me is the proper pronunciation of MY name?

I have gone on the website numerous times to make my preferred method of communication E-mail but it does no good. I have to log into the site to see what kind of stupid message they have because they won't send the E-mail as I have so often requested.

I tried to call today but guess what? Yep, another *^%^&%$ computer! Absolutely NO OPTION to speak with a real, live person is given.

I swear, it is enough to cause me to change insurance over this tiny little issue that could so easily be rectified. Maybe I WILL change, it's that time of year.
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My advantage plan calls more often than I like but I don't think it's ever been a computer call. Every few months they call to set up a home health visit We fell for it once, basically a doctor comes out and asks you all kinds of questions but if you ask him a question the canned response is to ask your doctor. While it's 'free' they bill medicare for $300 which I think is a poor use of gov't money.

They also call me every few months to fuss at me for not taking my blood pressure pill every day. Why should I take a BP pill on a day where my pressure is low!

Overall I'm happy with my plan but having to double check if the meds and doctors are covered makes looking for a new plan less appealing.
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If my insurer only called once every three months I'd be ecstatic. Mine is more like three times a month, often more than once a week, and with only rare exception it is always a computer. Every single time I get a new prescription or have an existing one refilled they have to call for "authorization". It doesn't matter if I initiate the refill via the website they still have the computer call for authorization. If my doctor sends it in they call for authorization.

The one today seems to be nothing more than to get me to re-order a prescription even though I have at least a months worth remaining. About ten days ago I had another "reminder" to re-order but when I received the pills (in four days no less, it usually takes ten) I looked and I still had at least a month to go before I would be out. But the one drug I WILL need a refill on soon I have heard zippo.

Other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever on the insurance plan. Oh, I guess some of the drug co-pays are a bit high but I don't know that anyone else would be less.
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Maybe you may want to try NOMOROBO.COM. It filters out robot calls, not actual calls. If your phone carrier subscribes to it, then try it out. Every time a robo call comes through it will ring only once then stop. It will not filter out human calls. This is important because if they really need to get hold of you, they can. The service can be turned on and off as you desire.

I've been using it for about a year now and I never had a failure. This includes charities that continue to call (March Of Dimes) with several different numbers every week. (btw... I refuse to give to MoD because of their tactics, but I do give to many other charities). In fact if memory serves me right I believe it blocks political calls also.

Side effects...A certain sense of satisfaction knowing that sales people can't get to you.

All of these carriers subscribe to the service:

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I believe it blocks political calls also.
Some... not all. Depends on how their phone number is listed.
Many medical sites get thru NoMoRobo too.

But I will agree.... NoMoRoBo .... is the hottest thing going and I absolutely swear by it.
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One thing I have found, although not universally, if the call gives you a drill down option, immediately press "0", and it will take you to a human. Granted, that human may be in Bangladesh, and you won't be able to understand a single word they say, but you can transfer to a US based human at that point.

Nomorobo requires VOIP landlines, and not everyone has that. So I don't think it will work on regular ones.
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I'm not overly familiar with it but our local phone company offers a service that blocks some telemarketer calls ..... for a fee Several times a month I get a computer call that caller ID claims comes from me If I'm not paying close attention I'll answer it thinking it's mark jr calling. I assume none of those services will block calls that show the wrong number.

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