Short changing the old guy ?


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Short changing the old guy ?

Stopped at the big D's for breakfast and when I went to pay, $10.30, I handed her a $100 bill and 30 cents. Strangely, she left the front register and went to a side register. I figured she needed to test the big bill or needed to make change from over there. They were mobbed and another cashier had taken over the front. Finally, she returned and handed me my receipt, but made change from the front drawer. I watched, a fifty, a twenty, and a ten. She hands it to me with a smile and I immediately handed it back and said, TRY AGAIN, it should be $90. She looked lost but the other cashier looked it, talked to her, and she finally gave me $90, but her expression said she still didn't understand. This wasn't a new person, she has been there for years.

Conclusion, since she had given me the receipt and the bill was rung up on the other register she had no reference to tell her how much change was due. My receipt said $90. Or, she was short changing the old guy deliberately.

Sad, either way.
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No Bud..... she was not deliberately short changing you. I've noticed that most people running a register.... young and old.... can no longer count out change. They rely strictly on what the register says to give for change.

Sad.... you can say that again.
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I get short changed fairly often Whether or not I say anything has to do with both the amount and what mood I'm in. I don't believe it's ever intentional but as Pete said, the incompetence of the clerk ,
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They do get used to just reading the register. Realized the other day, as I was checking out, that they have a senior discount at the grocery store 1 day a month. 10% off entire bill.

Asked the girl about it and she said yes, 10%. I'd already paid with my card, so she commenced to do the new math stuff on a scrap of paper. I told her "It's $1.04". She couldn't believe I'd done it in my head til another customer confirmed it on their phone calculator. I told her "Just move the decimal 1 place to the left". Duh They just don't teach the stuff in schools anymore.
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I'm convinced that a lot of store employees just aren't very bright. Quite a few yrs ago my wife stopped at a store to get a drink, paid with a 5 dollar bill and received change for a 20. She had to argue with the girl that she had made a mistake, eventually the girl took back the change and gave my wife change for $10. My wife gave up, took the money and went on her way.
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I guess I'm paranoid, but there are traditional procedures for handling money at a register, like not putting the customers money in the register until after you have given them the change. My bad habit is to look at the last 4 digits of my big bill so if they come back and say, you only gave me a $10 I can identify bill. I started that when they messed up at a restaurant and I had to ask for the manager. Fortunately I had a fold of new twenties and the register just happened to have one just like them in the $20 tray. I got my correct change but they didn't look happy, like I had cheated them. Fortunately that was on a business trip so I can easily NEVER go there again.

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I think it is a combination of all of the above. There are a few, thankfully ONLY a few, dishonest cashiers that will try to cheat people. Younger people, those under the age of about forty, have no idea of how to make change. Sometimes it is truly an honest mistake and the cashier will apologize profusely.

And the main thing, schools today do NOT hold their students to any kind of meaningful results. They are taught that the information, the TRUTH, if you will, is not important but it is the PROCESS that counts. Students that master the process of the day are the ones that get praise, even if the information is WRONG. A student can add 7 + 5 = 10 and get it marked as correct IF they "show the process" similar to /////// + ///// = 10. Never mind that the answer is WRONG, the process is correct.
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I can remember getting partial credit for incorrect math answers more than 50 years ago.

I just spent a week babysitting my grandkids. One is in the 3rd grade and one in the 9th. I looked at their homework, and trust me math is still being taught. My 9th grade grandson is doing math problems at least a year ahead of what I remember at that grade.

The fix for math challenged cashiers is to use plastic. There is no change making involved.

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I didn't read every reply. But most of what I read is true and false. As a person who runs a register I have become accustomed to rely on the "computer" to make change. However, I always leave the amount tendered on the register ledge in open site and then count out the change dollar by dollar to the customer. When I make a mistake, I can easily fix it because all the money is in site along with the register tape to verify amounts. This is the proper way of running a till. But I know that some companies will insist that amount tendered is immediately put into the till then make the change. That is in fact the wrong way and leaves the customer and the store open for scamming.

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