Christmas wrapping


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Christmas wrapping

I really like Christmas. Family and church, the music, great food and wine and gifts on Christmas morning. But when it comes to wrapping I hate it. It's a huge waste of time and money for something destined to be soon shredded.

Other than wives, does anyone give a rat's patoot how a gift is wrapped? Ever watch a kid (and that's the best part of Christmas) on Christmas morning take a moment to admire the ribbons and bows and precision corners before gently opening the gift? Being careful not to damage the wonderful paper.

I used to drop off my gifts at the church and the ladies there would wrap them for a small donation. I did that for years, but they stopped offering wrapping service several years ago. Now I'm forced to fumble finger with tape and paper all the while mumbling un-Christmaslike words and threatening to just throw all that wrap crap in the garbage.

Of course some of my dislike may be because I really suck at it.

End of rant!
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I just buy Christmas themed bags at the Dollar store. Simple, quick, one piece of tape on the opening, done.
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That's what my wife does also, she used to wrap them but most everything goes in a bag in recent years. I also suck at wrapping presents
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I used to like it when the department stores would give you free Christmas themed boxes when you bought clothes and the like there. They didn't need to be wrapped and could be reused for years. They may still do it for all I know, but it's been quite a while since I shopped in a department store.

I still do the wrapping thing, tradition I guess, but it does seem a waste. We do recycle the wrap along with all the boxes.

Somebody like amazon needs to work with shippers and come up with a practical reusable shipping package; standard size, nesting, etc, and an easy way to collect them and return for reuse. Kind of like a tiny version of the shipping containers used on ships and trains.
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I see the Scrooge has visited a few of us here... Merry Christmas folks, there are more important things to vent about then wrapping presents for someone you love. Some of us were born with two let thumbs and some of us were gifted with talent. It doesn't change the meaning behind the gift given. Best to you and yours!

Personally, I would vent about visiting the mall during the holidays, but that is for another thread.
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My boss at my very first job, taught me how to wrap, so mine come out so perfect, I could charge for them and people are afraid to open them, lol!
However, when I get a present that's not so perfect, it doesn't bother me in the least. I can't imagine why anyone would get upset over something like that. I don't think most people would, so I wouldn't stress over it.

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