Really good customer service. NOT!


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Really good customer service. NOT!

Just have to vent on this one. Bought a part for my truck last year on ebay with a product protection available which I purchased. New part crapped three weeks ago and I filed the on-line claim form. That was two weeks ago tomorrow. Never got a confirmation email or one with ecard that I'm supposed to get (did, however, get confirmation email when I originally registered, so email was working). Contacted them a week ago via their live chat. Said they would resend, be a couple of days. Two days later, no email. Chatted again, they said for some reason they are unable to get emails to go through to address with, did I have another email address, Gave them wifey's hotmail address. That was last Thursday. Let it ride until Monday morning, then chatted again. Said should be here by end of day. By Tuesday am, no email. Chatted again, girl who handles those is off work Tuesday but they would send her a reminder to follow up and make sure it's sent. This morning, no email. Back on chat, same old, same old. Even had the audacity to ask me if I had checked my spam folder (been asked that each of the last several chat sessions). They say will get it today, so we'll see. One of my parting shots was that this was the 21st Century and if they really wanted to make it happen, a few keystrokes and it would be in my inbox.

I am not optimistic.
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That's part of the problem with warranties as they are only as good as the company giving the warranty. When I bought carpet I wanted a better grade of pad but they were insistent that their cheap looking pad was the best and gave me a written guarantee stating the pad would outlast 2 carpets. Dumb ole me accepted that ..... 3 months later they closed up shop
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Strangely enough, I think this is the same company that does warranty stuff for Wal-Mart, Target, etc. I've had to do claims on stuff before and got immediate attention.
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Ever get the impression the company doesn't care...
News Flash: They don't!!!...
Customer NO service is very much alive and well!!!

What's Next?

Recorded phone message say's: The phone number you're calling has been discontinued...
There is no new number pending...

Consider your self S.O.L.

Thanks for calling and Have a nice day...

Been there and done that too! All to common still now a days!!!...

Bought an extended yard care electrical product warranty. Product not yet but very close to being out of warranty. Manufacturer downsized, bought out, sold out or consolidated into another unknown company.

Guess I too am S.O.L.

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I have to agree with Sharp. Very few companies these days care about any single customer because they KNOW that even if YOU don't buy the product that there are lots of other customers that will.

Anything I buy via eBay I consider is at my risk, regardless if a warranty is stated or implied. Yeah, I've been burnt a time or two but overall I think I'm still ahead.
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I'll not belabor too much, but I had the same thing happen on a $200 Husky compressor. Nice compressor, but the piston connecting rod broke and broke some other things like the fan. So I went to a "reputable" parts place and ordered the parts I needed. My piston head had reed valves, the replacement didn't...............Well, that was June. Constant weekly communication got promises and oops, we don't have the part, and we'll see if we can find it. New cylinder head with reed valves arrived yesterday. I spent $80 on parts and a kazillion on emails and phone calls.
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Finally came through about noon. Had a time stamp on the email of 8:30 am. Hmmm, wasn't in the inbox at 9:00.

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