new doctor visit


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new doctor visit

I took my wife to see a new doctor this morning and she had all the obligatory paperwork to fill out. Instead of the old clipboard and papers it was all electronic - looked like an etch a sketch minus the knobs She spent over 20 minutes filling it out and the glare on the screen was terrible. You had to hold it in the right position in order to read it

After filling it out, the screen told the co pay due and asked if you wanted to use a credit card or cash, she clicked on cash and it said are you sure - cc is easy to do, she again clicked on cash, was asked again are you sure before telling her to give the cash to receptionist

You'd think that would be enough info but then we got called back to an office where they asked the same questions .... another 10-15 minutes

Hopefully sooner or later one of these specialist will be able to figure out why her feet and hand are swollen! He did order some new tests but it might take a few months to get an appointment
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These are the things that make a person go postal!

My wife had to wear one of those heart monitor packs for this past 24 hours. One would think that a clip of some sort might be used to attach to your clothing. They told her to use a sweater with a pocket to carry it in. And to be sure not to hit it or squeeze it. One would think a hard case might be used to prevent such problems. Then we had to return it today (24 hours later). That was 13 mile, 45 minute ride just to hand it in. Next week she needs to go back so they can tell her the results. Of course all the data are recorded and sent back to the lab as it's being used. Such a waste of time and gas.

And just as I suspected, we are both now entwined in the health care boondoggle of going for this and that test. All because we wanted a doctor to go to just in case an emergency was needed. We are fine and don't need to look for trouble. But the health care experts don't see it that way. They must find something to treat, whether it's necessary or not.
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They must find something to treat, whether it's necessary or not.
It might be more accurate to say they are looking for something to bill for
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It makes you wonder how much is the "mo' money" effect for the medical system and how much can be blamed on ambulance chasers. Probably a good bit of both. However, I do think that doctors now are looking more and more at preventative care - trying to find stuff before it becomes a serious problem and that's the reason for all the tests. That and CYA.

I don't have as much of a problem with getting the tests done as I have with the costs of the tests. I had three tests done, none of them took more than an hour - the price tag $9500 not counting the $900 nuc tracer shot. My insurance covered it all but for me that's not the point. The costs are out of control.

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