Minor rant


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Minor rant

This particular e-mail account of mine is meant for junk and I don't really care about what's in it. However, it does bug me that I can't get rid of these spams. If I were to click on it I'd get the warning that my computer is infected and only they can fix it. Of course I'd be unable to get out of their screen. Blocking does no good since the origin is always different. I get these every single day.

I have no idea what I may have clicked on in the past to have these spamming me. But I don't know a Tim-Schmidt, I don't use Fed-Ex and I don't have a mortgage. At least they go directly to the junk folder.

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I've gotten the Tim Schmidt emails but I just ignore them.
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Norm, you don't have to do anything to receive spam. I get TONS of spam in my ISP-provided E-mail service (powered by Yahoo) spam folder and I usually don't even bother opening the folder, let alone see what is being sent. I get crap about rewards from Macy's, Kohl's and other such stores that I have never purchased a single item from and in most cases have not even entered the store in my life.

I get crap for life insurance, college degrees, mortgages, reverse-mortgages, credit repair services (my credit score as of a couple of days ago is 815), sexual dysfunction, weight loss, all kinds of insurance, meeting Asian (or Russian) women and just about anything else that could be sold. I simply click on the icon to dump the entire folder and forget about it.

On my personal E-mail, the one I rarely give out the address, I occasionally get some crap, usually of a sexual nature or else some fly-by-night (usually Asian) company wanting to sell me something. If in the spam folder, I dump the entire folder or the very rare one that makes it into my in box I mark it as spam and that's the end of it.

I also have a gmail account that I use for most business purposes and it seems to have a pretty good spam filter. Sometimes I check the spam folder and find advertising from a local high-pressure auto dealer or the like.

My advice is to simply flush the entire spam folder as needed and not lose a second of sleep over it.
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It's sent out in bulk format so you really cant do anything to avoid. What I find interesting is how it changes with the latest events.

It wasn't a day after the inauguration that I started seeing "Trumps mortgage rebate programs ending soon" or "Trumps daughters secret diet plan".

It's amusing at best!

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