Is this where we're headed?


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Is this where we're headed?

The local TV news had a report tonight, one of those annoying "We got your back" segments. A woman was loudly complaining about the unsafe conditions that her children are forced to endure when they are dropped off at their school bus stop.

She was ranting about a snow pile (<1-2 feet of plow residue) between the street and the sidewalk. Probably a distance of 5-6 feet. Her children had to walk through the pile to get to the sidewalk. To make matters worse a short segment of sidewalk had not been totally cleared and there was ice where a child might slip and be injured. Her rant - not mine.

The sad thing is that the TV station devoted air time to this whacko (sorry - "concerned mother and actually interviewed local officials to determine why this "dangerous condition" had not been corrected.

I wanted to ask this idiot woman why she didn't grab a $*%@ing snow shovel if she thought it was so dangerous.

end of rant!
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You must have been watching WCBS/NY (2) news last night. They spent 10 minutes discussing the poor job of snow removal. They were showing the piles of snow blocking bus stops and sidewalks. I asked the newswoman why she didn't snap here fingers and make it disappear.

The people in NY that were interviewed were fuming because they has posted on Twitter 311 not to post any more snow clearing complaints but to call instead. Then the people were complaining they had to wait on hold.

Social media has enabled everyone to complain about anything. That's ok just don't waste everyone's time with it.
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My dad born and raised in upper Michigan at the end of the nineteenth century could not understand why they closed schools when the snow wasn't over a child's head deep. I imagine he would have had some choice comments for those people.
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I grew up in Michigan and don't ever remember school getting out for anything less than a few feet of snow, and then it was only a one day event. Locally most any snow fall closes the schools although in their defense some of the back roads do get pretty slick and with narrow roads and steep drop offs .....

IMO some folks spend more time/energy complaining about something that it would take to rectify it.
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My 2 Cents ()

Some people simply have way to much time on their hands! Complain just about everything not important.

Local non cable TV news channels much to restricted on what they can report on. Same applies to large corporation owned cable news channels.

Highly regulated and controlled. Use extreme Caution......on what you report, say and about whom or be subjected to termination!!!....Axed!!!... Here today and gone tomorrow!

Way to much soft social news! IMO. Which is not news at all IMO!

To think so much money spent & wasted on non news by owners/advertisers who's products we buy. That cost is part of the product price we pay!!!....Dam near criminal!!!...


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