Always Something


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Always Something

Old washer stopped spinning on rinse. Not a problem I wanted to try to fix and heck I'd gotten the washer for free when my last free washer went belly up.

This time I had to go to a used appliance store. The $120 + $25 delivery and set up were in my budget. They delivered within ten minutes of the stated time. Great. It was hooked up and when tested started to fill with water. Good.

Went out later to wash a load set the temperature to cold/cold just for the heck of it. Doesn't really matter. I only have cold in the garage and use a Y connector to hot and cold ports. No water came out when I turned it on. It has a three month warranty but I'm of course thinking crap till it dawns on me when tested earlier it was set to warm/hot. Switch it and it starts filling.

I have spent the rest of the day wondering if it is worth it to complain. Even if it isn't just a clogged screen but the fill valve it's an easy $12 fix. Finally decided it wasn't worth complaining. It is working fine and even if the valve is going bad I'd rather pay $12 than complain and maybe have them switch it out for one in worse condition.

As I approach 70 this month my main goal is avoiding hassle. So I have decided it works good enough for me but I did spend the day arguing with myself. It's always something.
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Should of said something when washer quit, if Whirlpool or Kenmore about 10 to 15 part and 30 minutes would of been fixed.
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Hope you get better service out of your used washer than I did almost 40 yrs ago. I bought a reconditioned washer with a 90 day warranty. It worked fine until one day, I just knew it was covered but when I looked at the receipt it was the 91st day

At least now we are smarter than we used to be with more repair help available to us
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Ray, I feel you pain. I also try to avoid a hassle if possible. I'll even pay more just for the assurance of hopefully getting better quality.
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Feeling everybody's >PAIN< Too! Relax. Take a deep breath. Inhale...LOL!

You're not alone...

Yep! Always something around my casa recently too! New phrase I now often use, never a dull moment around the (Name withheld upon request...HA HA) household...

Approaching 70?

Age does not really matter. Close to or around 70+ or - all the same.
However, what does matter, as we do age we just become less and less tolerant...

Product stopped working 1 day or so after warranty expired?

Nothing new around my casa either...

All sounds very familiar as to what happens around here too!...

Nothing $$$ can fix...

Relax. Have a brew...
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if Whirlpool or Kenmore about 10 to 15 part and 30 minutes would of been fixed.
Yes, it is a K/W and why I didn't say anything. I'd rather pay $12 to avoid the aggravation but I may never need to as long as it works on at least some temperature settings since I only have cold anyway to both connections.

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