what a day!


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what a day!

Went to pour a footer for a retaining wall this morning and a quarter of the way thru my electric mixer died. I replaced the bearings last year with some chinese bearings and either they broke or the hub that holds them So I had to finish mixing the mud in a wheel barrow.

Got done in time to take a shower, eat lunch and take my wife to the doctor. Appointment for 2:30pm, first time visit so they sent a letter stating to download 12 pages from their website and fill them out, then arrive 45 min early [plus it's a 40 min drive to get there] 2 minutes to check in and then we waited until 2:20 when they took her back to weigh her and get the vitals. Wait another 30 mins and the doctor comes in, examines her and orders blood work. Go across the office, wait 10 minutes and we are done

So we get in my jeep to leave and I start to back up CRASH!!! I'm not sure if I backed into someone or they backed into me. I pulled 4' forward back into my parking spot, looked at the back of my jeep expecting damage but didn't see any. I then went to look at the other vehicle ... but it wasn't there ?? My wife said she saw them drive off. The only damage to my jeep is a big scuff mark and little abrasion on the spare time ..... but I heard the unmistakable sound of metal bending and the other vehicle just drove off! I don't know if they were uninsured, unlicensed, drunk or doped up, wanted by the law or what but they sure didn't stick around.
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My towing buddy would trade you. First thing this morning while loading a police impound he blew the end cap out of the bed in-out hyd cylinder on his flatbed. I had to help him get it out of the truck. That sucker is 8 feet long and weighs about 200#! On inspection the cylinder body is damaged where the snap ring (which blew out) is supposed to sit. You don't want to know what that baby is costing to replace and he'll be down until Tuesday waiting on it to come from the Midwest.
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Oh I know, when it comes to any type of heavy equipment the parts prices soar

The more I think about, the more convinced I am that accident wasn't my fault. My jeep [2dr jk] is short and my wife agrees that my rear bumper barely made it out of the parking spot at the point of impact. Glad my jeep sustained no real damage but curious as to what the other vehicle looks like.
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It is odd how different vehicles damage differently. I was rear ended at 45 MPH a few years ago. My Volvo S40 sustained a dent in the trunk lid and a scratch on the bumper. The Equinox that hit me was totaled. It broke all the front suspension and tore the engine loose. They did have to replace my WHIPS system where the front seat absorbs rearward motion in a rear impact, but minor exterior damage.
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I was parked at a 45 degree angle in a lot and the front end of my suburban was adjacent to a roadway with speed limits at 55. Someone made a left hand turn into the parking lot in front of a car coming in the opposite direction. The impact threw the car into the line of cars parked in the lot. The car rode the hoods of 4 vehicles and then hit my suburban which simply tossed it back into the road. 4 cars totaled (6 including the two initial vehicles) and my suburban had only a small dent in the fender. When my wife said she wanted a bigger SUV or Minivan, I strongly suggested she look into a Tahoe for safety reasons. She agreed and is now driving a nice red one.

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