BS telephone calls


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BS telephone calls

I just received another BS call from my Medicare Advantage insurance. Earlier today I got the computerized call where they mispronounce my name and then tell me I have one or more prescriptions ready to refill. They have also sent me a couple of E-mails on this subject.

The call a few minutes ago, again a computer, was to let me know I can have a comprehensive review with a pharmacist going over my prescriptions. I also received an E-mail on this the other day.

Now WHY on god's green earth would I choose to go over my prescriptions with some random person I have never met when I could simply ask the doctor that prescribed them? Are there people that are so afraid of their doctor that they cannot ask them such questions? If I couldn't talk to my doctor I would get another one damn quick.
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I've found that my local pharmacist is more forthcoming about my prescriptions and how to take them than the doctors are. But if/when that is needed it's done at the pharmacy at the time I pick up the meds. For the most part I don't get a lot of calls from the insurance company but when I do they tend to tee me off.

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