It comes and it goes -


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It comes and it goes -

Yesterday - Good news from the doc following another EKG/ECG. He told me he doesn't need to see me again until November! Apparently he expects me to stick around til then. Then I found some cheaper car rentals on line (Hertz no less) that saved a couple of hundred dollars and we got a really good deal on hotel reservations by simply calling the hotel instead of booking on line.

Today - Got up to find that a deer had jumped the fence and wrecked the garden (and the fence). Then I had to redo all of our trip reservations to different dates (my screw up and we lost the "good hotel deal") and I got in a pi**ing contest with some clueless kid in a cube farm at my CU over some credit card issues.

After a trying day we sat out on the deck to enjoy a glass of wine and de-stress and then a friggen' bird crapped on my head. 72 years old and I've never been crapped on by a bird! My wife laughed her a** off and told me it was good luck. I failed to see the humor.
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And then, There's always tomorrow.......

I did have a laugh out of that, but... I feel your pain.
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I have a bird feeder out back that has small oval shaped slots where the birds peck for the food. Twice now I had birds with a claw caught in there. They must put their claw in the center and slide it to the side. This traps their claw.

When I removed the last bird several days ago I received a large gift from above too.
I was told it was good luck.
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Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you.

My being bird shat on story. First inspection at a new command, summer, dress whites. Turns out it was by the CO (O-6) not just the OIC. In ranks, freshly cleaned, pressed and starched.
Felt something hit my shoulder, looked over and saw a streak of crap running all the way down over my ribbons. White gooey mess with purple and brown streaks. (Summer, and the mulberrys were fruiting) Almost started to try to wipe it and the guy next to me urgently whispered to just leave it.

CO gets to me looks me up and down, smiles and turns to the OIC and says, "Looks like one of your people just got sh!t on". They both kinda laughed as they moved on.

Wasn't the last time I was crapped on, literally and figuratively.
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Birds don't discriminate!
Years ago I painted an old classic truck. The shop was long enough to house both the truck and the bed separately. 36 hours later I pulled the truck cab out to clean the shop and turn the truck bed around. Before I moved the cab back in - a flock of birds flew over, took aim and I don't think any missed
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I only been awake a short while but so far my day is going good. I haven't been pooped on yet....

At least you're going on vacation, hopefully where there's no birds

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