Fios..... and the fees go on


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Fios..... and the fees go on

I'm glad mention of Fios was brought up in another members thread.
It gave me a reason to look at my bill closely and fume over it.

NJ sales tax - 4.22
911 system fee - .90
Federal universal service fee - 3.50
Video franchise fee - 3.17
CATV universal access fund - .45
Regulatory recovery fee - .08
Fios TV broadcast fee - 3.49
FDV administrative charge - .99

I ABSOLUTELY hate my local area cable provider but these fees are getting ridiculous.

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Well it's not just FIOS!
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Taxes by any other name is still a tax!
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COMCAST is no picnic either.
Last year our picture started going bad, March 10 per our first recorded complaint call. Finally got it fixed on Memorial Day weekend. When I asked for a credit for the 3 months I was told that there was a limit to the amount of credit they could offer and it wasn't even close to 3 month's worth.
Ever notice how they do their bundling? My wife's 95 year old mother likes one of the non-premium channels that shows old movies...COMCAST bundles it with a SPORTS channel package.
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What gets me is the advertising stating how much better cable is versus satellite. I used to have satellite and only lost the picture one time because of rain although there were several times where a wet snow took out the signal. I switched to a cable/internet package because it was the only affordable way to get high speed internet. The internet speed is great but not a week goes by when there isn't some issue with the TV reception ... even if it is only momentary.

I have a cheap cellphone plan [under $20] with approximately $3.50 in taxes and other charges. It mystified me for awhile why my bill was always varied by a few pennies [sometimes a dime] until I realized one of the taxes was based on usage - the more minutes I used, the higher the tax is.
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I have FiOS but I also live on the other side of the country from the previous respondents. My service, while installed by Verizon is now managed by Frontier. As far as I know my billing has not changed for years, ever since I called Frontier asking if I could get a lower cost rate. The rep told me absolutely, checked my history and quoted $39.99 (or .95) a month, about a ten dollar a month saving. In addition, instead of the 2 up / 5 down transfer speeds I had from V. I was also upgraded to F's lowest tier of 5 up / 15 down. When I got the billing (all via E-mail) the cost was only $29.99 but it turned out that was only for the first month and it went up to the quoted price in the billing cycle.

For a while, beginning maybe a year or two after the above change F started to send me snail-mail billings with the admonition to NOT pay as I was on the credit card auto pay plan. It took me close to a year but I finally got them to stop sending the snail-mail statements.

I have NEVER had an itemized charge for the modem/router. When I had Comcast I DID have to pay $5 a month for the modem, which did NOT have a router/switch, only a single Ethernet receptacle causing me to have to purchase a real router/switch.

When I switched to FiOS I had about a one week period where I had both services and even with the severely limited 5/2 speed of the FiOS it beat Comcast in every single test I could perform. I had (still have) VoIP telephone service and with Comcast it was often unusable but with the FiOS it is better than most solid land lines. As originally offered in my area the FiOS did not have television programming so I kept Comcast for that. Finally, two-three years ago I was so fed up the rising costs AND the encryption from Comcast, making my Panasonic video recorders almost useless I "cut the cable" and have never looked back. I still don't use the FiOS for television, although it is offered now, but instead use an antenna.

Most reception is pretty good but there are some anomalies. Adverse weather most assuredly causes glitches and some stations fade in and out for no apparent reason. I'm terribly surprised as the whole reason I first got cable television was that even with a high-gain (long distance) modified Yagi antenna on a rotator some 20 feet above the ground I could only get about three stations consistently. Now with a cheaper antenna, 10 feet off the ground I consistently receive a minimum of over 20 stations that I can actually watch. My biggest problem is that my television will periodically, on its own, decide to add a few channels or drop a few, mostly ones that I don't desire. that causes me to rescan and doing so it is a crap shoot whether or not I will pick up the the two "oldies" channels, COZI and METV.

Oh, on my VoIP phone I pay $6.95 a month for the incoming number with all incoming calls being free, regardless of length. Outgoing calls are 1-1/2 cents a minute which in most months means a total bill of significantly less than ten dollars. Quality is perfect.

My cell phone is a bit more. My basic plan is $20 a month with 100 "anytime" minutes, 200 evening and weekend minutes. Of course I don't have text messaging or any other "data" services. My total of taxes, fees and surcharges add another $7.18 to the bill so a little less than 40% of my bill is some kind of tax.

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