Romex staples


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Romex staples

This could go in electrical, but it's mostly a rant.....

I'm doing the electrical for a basement remodel. Running lots of romex in tight joist bays, with all the usual "stuff" in the way.

I've probably wasted one staple for every one I've successfully installed. I'm talking the typical plastic saddle staple with the two small nails.

They've made the nails so flimsy that they bend if you don't hit it perfectly straight on. They bend on old, hardened joists. They bend if you hit a bit of knot. They bend for no apparent reason at all. I've tried Gardner Bender Brand, IDEAL brand, and no name brand and they are equally bad.

I tried the all metal staples, and they are a little better, but they take more force to drive and in a lot of the areas there is not room to anything but tap with the side of a hammer.

I'd gladly pay 3 cents instead of 2 if the #$%@ nails didn't bend.
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I don't do a lot of electrical work but I have a drywall hatchet I like. The bigger head makes it easy to hit both of those little nails at the same time. I still mess one up occasionally but for the most part it works fine. Of course that won't solve driving into a knot or not having enough room

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