Ticks, Ticks and more ticks.


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Ticks, Ticks and more ticks.

Last night on the news they did a segment on TV about tick borne illness becoming epidemic. I can attest to that. For you guys living in areas where Lyme is rare or even unknown - stand by.They showed a map depicting the spread of the disease. It's just a matter of time.

Yesterday my wife went to the doctor after we removed an embedded tick from the back of her neck, the 2nd this year in the same spot. Unlike the first one. this tick was really burrowed in. She has had Lyme disease twice before and has had to endure the 2 week antibiotic treatment. In the past she was told to wait to see if symptoms appeared before seeing the doctor. Now it seems things have changed. They no longer wait for the symptoms but instead begin treatment immediately.

Also yesterday while working in the garden I killed 12 ticks in the space of an hour. My wife picked a 13th tick from behind my ear when I came in the house. In 30+ years of living in the same house, I have never seen such a large number of ticks. Usually I'll get a couple on me every year, but this year I've already pulled off a dozen or so.
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Yes, they've been really bad here in NE Ohio too. I never go outside without insect repellent and the twice a day hikes in the woods with the dog always end with looking for the tiny beasts.

Not sure if it has to do with very mild winter last year or the rainy spring, or what, but it's a pain.
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I have two short haired dachshunds and almost impossible to see the tiny ones they are small. Both have been treated with Advantic (sp) plus they are limited to a fenced in back yard. I have killed the weeds at the bottom of the fence to create a DMZ to prevent them from migrating in but birds and mice are plentiful I have used insecticides outside the fence and Pyrethrin (pet safe) inside. Not perfect but needed something on the inside.

My next addition to the defense will be home made tick tubes filled with treated cotton to treat the local mice. Birds seem to love my back yard so I will come up with a feeding station where they rub against a treated material. That may work for squirrels also. Here is a link to the local paper on the tick tubes.

I have had 2 ticks this year and 2 on the dogs but just hanging onto the fir. Was treated for Lyme 2 years ago and getting worried that this is a losing battle. I've given up all hunting, the stories about tick covered animals is sickening. At least I can go fishing.
Here's the link: These chemicals will kill the ticks in your yard — Outdoors — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

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I spend a lot of time outdoors. My wife attracts mosquitos while I seem to get all the ticks. I permethrin treat my underwear and outdoor clothing. It doesn't stop the ticks from finding me but it does prevent them from sticking around.

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