It's a little over . . . .


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It's a little over . . . .

is that OK? I bought some lunch meat at a supermarket deli today and the guy sliced .6 lbs for my .5 lb order. When he asked me if it was OK it occurred to me that I have never, ever heard a deli guy say "Its a little under. Is that OK?"

Not a big deal and not really a rant, but I walked away wondering how much extra is added to the deli annual bottom line because of "it's a little over."
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When I was in my teens, I worked on a fruit stand. I got really good at hitting an exact pound even with apples. More recently, I buy some delicious eye round roast beef. They offer $1 off if you buy a full pound. I always say no but one time I said yes. The sticker didn't reflect my discount. In fact it was more. They told me that the kid went over by a gram. Do you want me to remove some slices? I said no. I wanted to get out of there. The next time, I said no right away. To answer your question, I bet the bottom line is increased by 5 grand or more. However, I will ask someone who has worked in the deli biz for years.
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I couldn't count the times where something is on sale but the cash register doesn't show it. Last week they had some meat on sale so we stocked up but when they totaled up the bill it was about $25 more than I thought it would be. I asked what price the meat rang up and the girl didn't even look but called someone to change the price. I assume that means we weren't the first one to be overcharged for the meat that was on sale
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In most cases the cashier has no clue if an item is sale priced or not (and most won't care or remember from customer to customer). It's all up to corporate and the office to make sure sale prices are properly coded into the system. Same thing with rebate forms. If a customer does not remind me about the rebate I don't usually give it or an extra cash receipt. Most customers understand, but some get testy and try to blame me.

But back to the subject matter, anything to up sell is fair game. I on the other hand will not up sell just for the sale. Often I will convince a customer not to buy an item if I think they are wasting their money. They usually remember me and come back for further buying because they trust me. I will however suggest optional items when they are working on a project and I like to remind them of items they might need. Nobody likes to make two trips when one would do.
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"Would you like fries with that?"

And I'm with norm. Can't count the number of times I've been called out for a tow because "It won't start, it just clicks; I think it's either the starter or the alternator or the battery" [some combination of those three]. Much more often than not I "down sell" them to a jump start and they drive to the mechanic/parts store.
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My local store offers a full refund for that product, you keep the item for free, plus $1. When I see them ring up a mistake or spot it after going home I just return (1 mile) or save the receipt for next trip. Their problem is often after one sale ends and the computer is changed but they haven't changed the prices on the shelves. I get about $5 to $20 a month off of them, but wonder how much they get in overcharges.


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