Ignorant customers


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Ignorant customers

I need to rant!

Among many hats that I wear at work I am also one of the main cashiers. As a store we are very customer oriented and if a cash out isle has three or more people in the cue we call for another cashier. The exception is lunches and scheduled people.

On this day I was the only cashier since my partner was at lunch. A crowd of people happen to come in and were generally ready to cash out. This ignorant SOB of a guy is buying under $10 worth of merchandise. At this time about 2 other people were in line to cash out. He presents me with a chipped credit card. Nothing unusual about that. As he inserts it into the reader he tells me it does not work! And does not work at any store he has tried it at. He says he always has a problem.

Sure enough it does not work. We try it several times. By this time there about 7 people in line. I ask him if he can use another method to pay. He looks at me and says input it manually. I couldíve strangle him. At this point the line is about 12 people deep and I hear grumbling. It took us about 5 more minutes to input it and finally it took. Again I told him to contact his bank, but he left with out a word. He knew exactly what was going on and will not get new card.

By that time the remaining customers were in a bad mood and were not very friendly. Next time Iíll refuse to input the card manually.
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Next time I’ll refuse to input the card manually
Inputting a card manually costs the store an extra percent or two also.
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Just tell 'em "Sorry, I can't do a chipped card manually. The system won't take it. It's a fraud protection the card companies have instituted". No blame to put on you or the store, put it back on the bank and maybe then he'll call.
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I've had cards that didn't want to work before and once I figured out it was the card - I requested a new one. Besides wasting other folks time - I don't want to waste mine!
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Norm, I understand your pain.

I had an MRI on my shoulder last year & it wasn't made clear to leave my wallet in the other room. Every electronic card I had got an MRI too. It wiped every card I had. None worked.

The biggest problem was that I have a company credit card that I have to use, sometimes several times daily. The company I work for is a plastics recycler. We don't deal with the public so we don't deal with cash. Even if we did, I highly doubt the company would have given me cash to take care of daily purchases.

The 1st time I attempted to use the card after it got zapped, we ordered another one. The problem here is that it takes about 10 days fr the bank to get us another one. So for a week & a half, I had no choice but to apologize & let the cashier know the issue & ask them to manually enter it until we could get a new one. The hold up was with the bank.

As for all my personal cards, my bank issued new cards on the spot. So, my personal cards weren't an issue but the bank the company uses, takes 10 days, no petty cash was available for me to use & it was, what it was.

I felt bad for the cashier each time I had to use it & I continually apologized. I know its frustrating & I hate that it caused problems for employees & customers in line but, it was what it was.
I really do understand your pain, but there may have been a reason he didn't have a new card... yet. I know how frustrating & embarrassing it was for me & it could have been for him as well. However, I also understand his attitude could have been part of the issue. I always tried to convey my apologies when having to use a card that wouldn't scan. But, in 10 days, all was back to normal.

I hope this helps & I hope today will be a better day for you Norm

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