When HS shop class teaches you to solder...


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When HS shop class teaches you to solder...

....but not how to not be a dunce.

Went to go close the window in my stepson's room. Saw he had decided to fix his TV without asking for help.

yes that was plugged in like that.


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Do occasional work at a local hotel. Years ago, the maintenance guy fixed a broken lamp cord to the light sconce that was between the two beds. I was replacing carpet and had to move all the furniture. He had added a splice between the plug end and the lamp cord. 1 - he used speaker wire for the splice and 2 - he protected the splice with blue painters tape. The speaker wire was partially burnt through and I'm surprised that a fire did not result from this.
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.....but it was in a protected power strip.
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Well hopefully he learns something from this. It looks like he almost had it right except for the electrocution part

I once saw a family room addition wired entirely with lamp cord, unreal....
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Well, Argentina only uses 12V mains right? Plenty of air gap for insulation.


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