Chilled water dispenser


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Chilled water dispenser

A year or two ago I started a thread on the lousy chilled water dispenser on my refrigerator. Several months ago I finally "fixed" one of the problems by re-routing all the tubing from the reservoir to the door outlet inside the refrigerator instead of having it run outside for half its length.

Well, it IS considerably better but it still runs warm far too soon and it takes literally hours to cool down again. The problem, as I see it, is the reservoir holds maybe a pint to a little more than a pint and it is made of plastic, looks like some form of polyethylene. Of course that makes heat transfer rather slow and with no more than about 20 ounces of capacity it is no wonder it can't fill two glasses with cold water in succession.

My question: This is a Whirlpool refrigerator and all the service diagrams I saw for Whirlpool had either this small reservoir or else a coil of 1/4 inch PEX (?) tubing for the reservoir. Do any manufacturers use a METAL (for better heat transfer) reservoir and/or do they have larger reservoirs? I'm not planning on buying a new refrigerator but IF I do I will want one with a decent chilled water system.
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My LG refrigerator water dispenser is the same way. We go through a lot of ice because of it. I'm hoping others will respond so I can find out if it's a design problem or just the nature of the beast.
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Harking back to the days of yore when counterintuitively soft drink vending machines sometimes had a chilled water dispenser on the side they did it by placing a coil of " copper tubing in the refrigerated section. Maybe add a coil of copper tubing if you can find room. Probably not practical but it's 5 AM as I write this.
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I'm not aware of a metal tank used in fridges for cold water. Some companies put the water filter in the fridge for additional cooling.

WR17X11440 - GE plastic tank system for fridges.

Many metal tanks available from Asia.
Several other products listed on this page.
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...soft drink vending machines sometimes had a chilled water dispenser...
I remember that; there was a small mom & pop store a couple of blocks south of the zoo that had a chest cooler that dispensed bottled pop. You put your dime in the coin collector and it allowed the "gate" to cycle once allowing the bottle through. As I recall it had a "bubbler" for drinking water and the waste simply drained to the sidewalk.

I could probably get 50 feet of tubing in the thing but that would only be a little more than a cup of volume and I think it would require more like a quart minimum which would be about 175 feet of 1/4 inch OD copper. That might be a bit difficult to say nothing of doing all the hairpin turns. The space, just off the top of my toes and without measuring it is about 24 inches long by 4 inches in both height and depth.

Norm, getting ice means that I would have to pull open the freezer drawer and also the inner shelf to get to the ice maker bin. Not all that practical and definitely makes the water dispenser more of a gimmick than anything. If I have to open the door (drawer) I might as well just use a pitcher with ice kept inside the refrigerator.

PJ, thank you for the links but they are of no use. Wrong configuration and a minimum order of 500 is not practical. And the water filter WAS in the refrigerator section but it was useless for pre-cooling as the outlet from the filter came outside, ran to the inlet of the reservoir, the outlet then ran outside to the dual solenoid valve which sent the water to either the ice maker or the dispenser. I re-piped it eliminating the filter (already have a filter under the sink) going first to the isolation solenoid valve and then to the dual solenoid valve with the icemaker solenoid valve directly to the icemaker and the dispenser valve to the reservoir inlet. The outlet from the reservoir now runs inside the refrigerator compartment to the upper left corner where I drilled through the inner liner to allow it to come through the hinge and then to the dispenser. Total amount of tubing now exposed to the ambient is maybe two inches or less as opposed to at least six feet in the original.

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