So what was your "cheap experience"??


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So what was your "cheap experience"??

Another post recently where the OP purchased an item from our favorite HDLM (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards) store and was unsure why it was not living up to their expectations.

It just seems like nobody really cares, or they are so cheap, or maybe they are just completely oblivious that you cant get quality without paying for it.

How many times I have been in line and a couple will have 8 gallons of XYZ paint (because it was on sale), the cheapest rollers, the cheapest paint brushes and I shake my head that there will be another unhappy experience.

Mine came about 4 years ago when I was redoing my basement water lines, had a joint that did not solder correctly. Took a close look at the fittings and yep, China made. The thing is they were only a a little cheaper than the good Nibco fittings I replace them with but as noted, price point is everything.

So what was your "cheap experience"??
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About 20 yrs ago I needed a grinder at work. Boss didn't have one at the time so I head to the store to spend his money. I was pretty surprised to see a Chinese made grinder for only 10.99 (if I recall). How can that be, I thought!

Well, got it to the job and started cutting into some concrete with it. It literally started making noise after 10 seconds of use, and had quit after another 10.

I took it back to exchange it... the next one did the same thing. Thankfully I barely got done what I needed to before it bit the dust too. Lesson learned.

I think a lot of Chinese tools have improved since then but yeah, sometimes going cheap doesn't pay.
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WOW! I guess I could relate several "experiences". The thing is, it goes both ways. Cheap does not always convert to bad and neither does expensive equate to quality. I've had both situations. The right tool, regardless of price or quality for the right job. Many a Dollar Store items I've bought have done the job quite nicely, but for a reliable tool I spend the money on a name brand with a proven history.

For me the latest experience was he buying the wrong ATV for the terrain it was to be used in. Although it was the least expensive it was not cheap. But it was the wrong size for the purpose at hand.
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Here's an example of the wrong item being bought for the wrong job. At work I suggested we needed a vise in the back room. It was taken as a serious suggestion and all the stores were bought a vise to do minor repair or cutting services for customers. Not once did management ask what type of vise was needed. They bought the cheapest they could find. Here's the problem. We are a retail home improvement store. All products are finished (including the small amount of limber we sell) and as such, all surfaces are usually smooth or "finished". They bought us vises with highly knurled jaws that grip and mare any surface they grip. The jaws are not removable nor are there and holes to mount a smooth faced, or "vee" grip jaws to it. Making the units virtually useless. Money wasted and nothing accomplished!
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The bearings went out on my electric cement mixer. Searching the net I found them for $8-$12 each, The cheaper ones all carried a hefty s&h charge [more than the bearing] but the $12 ones shipped for $1. I was shocked/po'd when they died on the 3rd bag of cement

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