Speaking of tired


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Speaking of tired

We had a 5 day vacation last week. We decided to visit Quebec City with our grand kids. After an 8 hour drive (with two kids squabbling in the back seat) we got to our hotel around 2 PM. We were told at the desk that our room wasn't ready and check in wasn't until 4 PM but they would give it priority with housekeeping .

I had no problem with that so even though we were beat (did I mention the 8 hour drive with kids ), we decided to walk around and see the sights in this historic city. We returned to the hotel desk at exactly 4 PM and again were told that our room wasn't ready. But it's 4 PM I say, sorry but there's nothing I can do she says. "Come back in 45 minutes." I am not happy. We are really tired (we're in our 70s), the kids are getting cranky and there is no place to sit in the busy lobby. All the seats are occupied, probably by other guests whose rooms are not ready.

I go back to the desk at 5 PM after waiting a full hour and the clerk tells me that our room is still not ready. Now I am not unhappy. I am flat out pissed. Did I mention that this is a very famous, most photographed in the world, high end hotel? I explained to the clerk that I had reserved a room and had already been charged for it. I asked to see a manager and magically a room became instantly available.

By the time we got in the room it was nearly 6 PM. I wonder who gets to pocket the 2 hours of room that we paid for and didn't get.
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My wife loves to go to Myrtle Beach. We normally arrive several hrs before check in time but usually the room is ready, I don't think we've ever had to wait more than 1 hr when it wasn't. They'd probably want to escort me out the door if the room wasn't ready shortly after check in time!

An 8 hr ride is enough to do me in, even without kids or anyone else squabbling.
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Buff didn't indicate whether this conversation was conducted in French or English ?
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I'm tired too!
I'm taking a break from work now.
In the last 6 months or a year I've been driving at least a 200 mile round trip to work for 3 or 4 hours. I sub for a national company and that's where the work is.
The jobs pay pretty well but the driving is crazy, not to mention gas is over $3 a gallon.
Got to be a better way.
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Gas hasn't got that high here yet, hope it won't but suspect the mess in Texas will drive prices up higher than I want to see. We've been flip flopping between $1.90 and $2.20 for quite a while now. I try not to fuss about the price increases because it's no where near the $4 mark it was flirting with prior to the economy turn down. Of course I don't dry a fraction of the miles I did back when I was working.

I used to love to drive, didn't mind long road trips .... but then I used to be young!

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