ATM etiquette


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ATM etiquette

I was making a withdrawal today when some guy comes up and stands right behind me. I turned around and said "do you mind" and he said "what?" I said I don't want you looking over my shoulder, he said "why?" I cancelled my transaction and when he stepped up to use the machine I stood immediately behind him looking over his shoulder and then repeated his pin number. I said now do you see why? He just grunted and left.
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Well done! That's called "shoulder surfing". You were more polite than I might have been.
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CW...Great comback! I think I would've been a little timid to try that. Never know how the other might re-act. But I like it. He'll learn his lesson the hard way.
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It's happened to me. As soon as I notice I just turn around and stare at them with an "Are you freaking kidding me?" look on my face. Most get the idea or just say "What?" like your guy. Common courtesy is very uncommon nowadays.

I stand 4 or 5 ft away and face away from the machine (I also look for suspicious people at the same time). Of course I still hold doors or let ladies through first, let them off the elevator first, wave the other guy on at intersections, leave room for mergers to traffic, etc. I say sir and ma'am to my elders and cops. That's how I was raised.

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