splilled beer on keyboard


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splilled beer on keyboard

OK, this should be in the computer forum. but I'm frustrated.

I spilled a bottle of beer on my lighted key board. It still works but some keys are sticking or are hard to push down. Or will not bounce back to normal position.

Oh, I'm angry at both things. My keyboard and the loss of my beer.

That was a BLACK and TAN brew! Real good stuff. Can't always find it at the store. They sell out quickly. Good thing I have 5 more bottles chilling!

Best way to clean the keyboard?
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Ugh, I used to hate it when I would do that! Except it was usually pop, which might be even worse... sticky!

I used to unplug the keyboard, take it apart... pop the keys off one by one... hand wash all the parts I could, wipe what I knew should not be immersed (409 and paper towels) but popping the keys off was pretty much mandatory since it was the gliding part underneath that had gotten sticky... removing the key "cap" was the only way to get to it.

I hope it wasn't a Yuengling...
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As keyboards became more of a throwaway item they evolved into plastic sheets where the printed circuits made contact when the button touched them from above. Where the buttons could be cleaned as Brant explained those plastic layers may not even come apart and when the liquid gets in it eventually erodes the contacts.

Give the cleaning a try but be prepared to buy a replacement.

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I'm glad I'm not the only person who's done that. First consider what a new keyboard costs. Maybe it's time for an upgrade.

If your keys are sticking I would unplug the keyboard. Get a bucket or tray big enough to hold the entire keyboard and fill the container with water. Dunk the keyboard several times and pour out the water. Change the water to make sure it's clean. Work the keys until they get unstuck and dunk and rinse a few more times. If you really want to be thorough make your last dunkings in distilled water. Shake out all the water and set the keyboard in the sun or just leave it alone for several days to thoroughly dry. Then plug it in and see if it works.
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Not sure I'm brave enough to dunk a keyboard but I have used a wet soapy rag several different times to clean mine up. I'd then turn it over and let it dry before using it again.
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I would agree in dunking the keypad underwater. Corrosion inside the unit starts immediately after the water is shaken out so it's important to keep the keypad warm so the water dries quickly. In the hot sun is a great idea.
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What is your time worth for no guarantee that it's fixed? You can buy a wireless keyboard for 20 bucks.
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Well so far the sticky keys seem to have dried out and I have no ill effects. I got lucky.

I have no need for a wireless keyboard. But I love my wireless mouse. The thing that got me was that this multi-colored lighted keyboard is fairly new. And I like it. But you're right, fixing it is not worth the time or trouble since this keyboard can be had for about $30.00. It has 5 color modes and each key is individually lite. Lately though, it seems I'm handing out $10, $20 and $30 dollar bills for a lot of little things. I need to draw the line someplace. So if the key board acts up I'll use and old one and try to clean this one. Save for one of those cold snowy days.
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Better be careful handing out the thirty dollar bills.
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Next time just toss in the dishwasher. Top rack, dryer heat off, no detergent.

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