Banking scam? You be the judge


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Banking scam? You be the judge

Received this e-mail recently. I can't believe that some people actually respond to this stuff.

Dear KeyBank Customer:

It is important that as an KeyBank account holder, you sign into your account using the link below. Once you have clicked the link, you will then be directed to a list of verification questions which must me answered within 24-48 hours of receiving this email.

Verify your account using the following link: Log in to Online Banking

Online Banking Team
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These emails are responded to regularly by many people. These scammers get away with millions. I know people who have paid that phony IRS tax due scam. People just don't realize.

A good friend of mine is the IT tech in a bank. They tell all employees to never open attachments. They routinely have a company send the employees attachments to see if they'll open them..... they do.
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They likely don't get many tech savvy people, but occasionally they get an older person who was kind of forced into e-banking by family (so they could keep an eye on their funds) or pressured to do it to save money. They don't know to never open attachments or that you can easily see the link address doesn't go to their bank.
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What gets me is all the scam emails that start out with dear sir/madam, after extensive research we've found that you are the heir to ..... If they've done extensive research why don't they know my name or gender!
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I get a few of those every week and WITHOUT opening anything, I simply FORWARD them, exactly as received,to:

[email protected] or

[email protected] or

[email protected] or

[email protected]

or whoever had their logo shown by the perpetrator pretending to be someone that they're not.

I usually get an acknowledgement that this DID NOT originate with them and that their IT security will be investigating.
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Originally Posted by marksr
If they've done extensive research why don't they know my name or gender!
These days you get sued if you use the wrong gender prefix. They're just covering their butts!

What a world this is turning into.
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I'm not sure about that. Just received a promo from one of the national jewelery stores wanting me to buy my wife a diamond. They pre-printed my name and my wife's name on very nice card stock.all I had to do is sign it and pay for it

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