Speaking of scams . . .


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Speaking of scams . . .

My wife needs new eyeglasses. She has an expensive pair of frames that are only 3 years old and she wants to keep them. She took her prescription to one of those mall eyeglass places intending to get a new pair of lenses and frames and to have new lenses installed into her current frames.

Price for the new - $250
Price to put new lenses into her old frames - $380!!!

Anyone used an on line eyeglass store? She has progressive lenses and was told at the mall store that the on line places can't fit the progressive lenses correctly to her eyes and that they have to be fitted in person. True or BS?
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My lenses have some big scratches and need to be replace, I was planning to just get lenses since the frames are in good shape - now I don't know. Personally I'd be a little leery of online glass purchases, how would they center the prescription to fit your eyes?
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I get my glasses from Zenni but my wife can't wear the ones from them. Check there return policy to see if they will take them back it they don't work for her. I hav e been told the same thing, but I found out it depends on the person. Most people can get them ok.
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This is one of things that you must trust the so called experts or those in the field. What does your gut say? How confident do you feel?

It's like the person who has no plumbing experience and needs a washer replaced in his faucet. They call a plumber because they are professionals and are suppose to know what they're doing. Or the doctor that you go to say that you have to have an operation vs non-surgical treatment. Maybe yes, maybe no. But what do we know as non-medical people.

As far as CW's wife goes concerning her eyes, I think I would rather pay the price and be face to face with the person who says I need new prescriptions. But the funny thing is, that same person is most likely going to an online or mail order house to get what they prescribed for you.
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I just use Walmart, never had an issue, but my lenses are nothing special. I hear good stuff about Costco (or Sams, I forget which).
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You might be very pleased with:


where my Wife has bought glasses and contacts with complicated prescriptions for a few years now. They do insist on your having a signed prescription that's less than 1 year old; but that's is really for your benefit.
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They do insist on your having a signed prescription that's less than 1 year old; but that's is really for your benefit.
Isn't that true everywhere? Since my prescription hadn't changed any I didn't get new glasses last time but dug out the prescription after my lenses got scratched only to find out that the year had already passed. I know my doctor would write me a new one without being seen but the girls up front didn't want to bother him and insisted I wait until my next scheduled appointment in december
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The scam part of my rant was me trying to wrap my head around how an eyeglass store can sell a lens of a certain prescription, install them in a pricey set of frames all for $250 and then want $380 to install the same prescription lenses in an existing set of frames.

Something to do with a commission?

Anyway, thanks Vermont for the link. I googled around and we found several on line sites that will install progressive, no scratch. polarized lenses that guarantee prescription accuracy and a couple that guarantee a one time "no adapt" replacement for progressive lenses. Prices range from $125 - $175 installed. Quite a bit cheaper than the mall shop so we'll probably give it a try.
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Going to surmise it has to do with insurance that only covers one set of lens during a certain time frame. That would be the only thing that would make sense as to why the cost discrepancy. I know that my progressive lens and frames cost a boat load more than my wife's regular sens glasses. About 3 times more expensive as I recall.
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Not sure, but i >think< the eyeglass places have a fixed inventory of frames, and only stock lenses to fit those frames. So asking them to fit lenses to what for them is a "non standard" frame involves custom fitting and shaping. If that theory is correct the extra charge is for the custom work.

I've had a couple good experiences with Zenni. One of the measurements they need is "PD", your pupillary distance. I've had to make sure the scrip from the eye exam includes that number. So far, no problems with their eyeglasses.

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