More appliance woes


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More appliance woes

Last month our built in Uwave died. This month it was the oven. It was the last of the new major appliances that we had installed when we did our kitchen renovation 10 years ago. I wanted to try to repair it but wife wanted it gone. We shopped around and found one at a big box store that she wanted and got a really good deal by ordering on line. The only problem is that it was back ordered until the 19th, just before the holidays when we would have guests and family with lots of baking. We ordered it anyway with the reassurance that the back order delivery date was firm.

The rant - On the 18th I got a machine call from the delivery company informing us of the delivery time - between 3PM and 7PM! That didn't work for us as we had game tickets (expensive w/ a no refund hotel reservation) for a game starting at 7PM. I called the delivery company to reschedule for the following day. I got nowhere, just a lot of answering machines telling me to press 1, or 2, or 3 - "now". After about 15 minutes I managed to get to some sort of automated answering service for the company. Asked to provide the phone number for the order delivery. I did and was told that the machine didn't recognize that number (which was the same number some other machine had called to inform me of the delivery). The machine then asked if I had the delivery number (whatever that is) "if yes press one, if no press two". I pressed two. The machine responded "thank you. Goodby!" and hung up. I tried the several times with the same results.

Really pissed now, I called the on line big box store and I actually got to speak to a real human! I told her my problem and she said she could fix it (reschedule). After being on hold for a few minutes she told me that she had spoken to the delivery company and they could not (would not?) change the delivery time (I wanted anytime before 6) and that according to their schedule I was the last delivery for the day. So instead I asked for a different date - within the next couple of days. The delivery company informed her that if I did not take delivery as they scheduled, the earliest date they could deliver was 9 January - 3 weeks later! Like me, the store customer service rep was now also upset. Apparently the person that she was dealing with was a jerk. I thought about cancelling the order. The store rep said she would do that for me but then we would be back at square one. We decided to wait for the delivery and possibly get to the game late.

FWIW - they delivered at one o'clock, a full two hours before their "unchangeable" scheduled delivery. ????? What if I had not been there?
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I feel your pain and frustration. Several years ago I ordered a microwave from Sears. They accepted the online order but refused to tell me it was no longer a manufactured item. I spent many weeks auguring with them for a delivery date until I called the manufacturer and had confirmation that the unit was no longer making that model. We had to settle for something the wife did not really like.

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