Need to start "packing"


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Need to start "packing"

Earlier today went out to drive a steel post. Got the driver and drug a post out from between a barrel and a tomato cage. Made a lot of noise. Heard limbs creaking above my head, but didn't bother as wind was above 30 mph.
Out of corner of my eye I noticed movement and heard a big "SPLAT" as a large bobcat (probably 30#) hit the ground about 10 feet from me. He had dropped from a limb about 20 feet in air. He was gone as soon as he got his footing back under him.
I was quite shocked as this pecan tree is about 12 feet from edge of house. Now I have feral pigs that are equipped with 6" razor blades, but a bobcat has a good set of claws and large teeth.
Makes me think I need to arm myself before venturing into yard!

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If that were me I think I would need a change of clothes!
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Wow, that's incredible! I've only caught bobcats on my trail cameras several hundred yards from the house and I've never seen one with my own eyes.
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We have bobcats visiting our backyard every now and then. They are typically shy and avoid human contact. Bobcat attacks on humans are very rare. The only instances that I have heard about the cat was rabid. A 30# cat is well above average. They are too small to do any serious harm to an adult human although I would not want to get in a scrap with one.

I took this picture in my back yard this summer.
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I've felt what the claws of my 10 pound domesticated house cat can do. I really would not want a 30 pound wild cat angry at me. I might win the fight eventually but there would be a lot of blood lost.
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I've not seen a bobcat on my property but believe they are around. My dog and goat where real nervous one night and the next day I saw some prints that were too big to belong to a house/barn cat. Bears I have seen.
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I think that there are a lot more of them around than most people realize. It's kind of unusual to see them out in broad daylight. I've had them in the yard several times but they are always gone by the time I get a camera. This is the only one I have ever photographed.

When I was a kid I used to hunt bobcats for the $10 bounty. I also got $2 for foxes. It was a different era - a time when predators were generally thought of as something to be eliminated, especially if you farmed. My best day was 3 bobcats. I got $30 for the cats, sold the largest (the biggest I ever shot at just over 35#) to a taxidermist for another $10. At the time that $40 was more than a week's income for the farm.

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