Phone Scam


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Phone Scam

Interesting call yesterday from my 84 year old Mother.

Young lady called, my Mom assumed it was one of the grandchildren, she was on her way to the doctor and was involved in an accident with a pregnant woman. Detained at the court houses, didn't want to call parents because she was talking on the phone at the time. Lawyer got on the phone and reassured her everything would be ok but needed $9000 cash to get her out.

Luckily I have control of her finances and she doesn't drive but sad to say she pretty much fell for it.

Next day after the emotions have calmed down we look at the pieces.

Girl inquired Grandma, my Mom responded Vicky is that you? Just gave it all away!

Didn't quite sound right but she was sick and going to the doctor!

Hit a pregnant woman, wow there is a terrible situation but now remembers she doesn't not have a car.

Lawyer would not provide phone number since "I'm not in the office" but was very helpful in explain ways she could wire funds.

My Mom tried to call grandchild but no answer but kids dont take calls much anymore.

She was that 1 in 100 that didn't tell them to Foff.

Got to be vigilant with older parents, there are experts out there working hard to take their money!!
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Just saw a story on the news this morning about scammers getting YOU to call THEM. They put fake customer service phone numbers for legitimate companies on the internet. A woman called one of them and in the conversation they had her enter a URL and then took control of her computer. She saw them buy gift cards on her screen but couldn't stop it until she finally powered down her computer.

Don't trust customer service phone numbers unless you are sure you get them from the company website. The recommendation was to use email or live chat to get customer service.

Also if you do get a call from an unknown number, do not say "Yes" if they ask "Can you hear me" or some other question. Scammers can use the recording as proof that you agreed to something else.

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I'm still getting an e-mail that I'm getting a warrant for my arrest from the Canadian government (CRA) because I did not respond to their repeated calls. I'm hoping to see a Mounty in full uniform on a horse at my door step.
Can't wait! It might be Dudley Do-Right

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I got one of those calls awhile back. Figuring it might be a scam, I asked "which grandson are you?" [I only have one] His response was 'I can't believe you don't recognize your favorite grandson' I pressed for a name and then was convinced it was a scam and hung up.
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Scammers have the edge, they have nothing else to do.
I get local looking calls all day on my cell all day, try to answer, nothing. hang up no message, call back the number, sorry this phone number has been disconneted.
At home we were getting at least 50 calls a day saying there's an issue your computer, tried saying do not call three times, put them on the do not call list, no effect.
Bought a a call blocker on of all places QHC, Out of state call comes in hit the block button there gone.
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Being retired and spend way to much time in easy chair. I play with them. I like the guys who are going to fix my computer. I usually get them to hang up on me. If they ask if one is on or running I ask them what door it went out,
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Ditto here. I usually just blow them off, but if I'm just sitting around I play along. My "tech support" routine is to ask which computer, the Dell or the HP? If they say Dell I say, oh I don't have a Dell (same with "HP"). Can use the same strategy with "grandchildren": Is that you Bobby? (using a fictitious non-existent name).

What I REALLY like hitting them with is, "does your mother know what you do for a living?"
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Depending on what kind of mood I'm in, I'll often pretend to take the matter very seriously and ask "Which Computer" is involved since there are several here so I'll ask what IP Address is giving them trouble . . . . and then I'll get some kind of pause followed by . . . . What's that ?

So then I'll tell them that it's the Internet Protocol Address which they should be in possession of before making another call; because it's so embarrassing when they're obviously so ill equipped to deal with the real issue.

Leaving them speechless, I generally bring the call to an end by wishing them "Good Luck" on their next call, and hope that they'll be better prepared because it's so sad to encounter someone spending their lives sitting in a Boiler Room engaging in a bogus scam when they have no idea of what they're talking about.
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Got to be vigilant with older parents, there are experts out there working hard to take their money!!

This was a couple decades ago but when our step-dad died we couldn't believe all the magazine subscriptions he had, stuff like Teen and other goofy ones a 70+ year old man would never read. $$$$

Today they've gone high tech I guess. I still get a few calls with a local number but the cordless phone also says "out of area". Had a chat with the phone company, they know nothing.
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Think we had a solar event this week.

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