Sump pump oops


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Sump pump oops

Winter storm Riley blew through this weekend. A Nor'easter but fortunately it brought just lots of rain for us. Unfortunately the 70 mph+ winds knocked out the power for much of our area.

We invited several friends over for dinner when we heard that they had no power. We still had power! Then, just as we finished dinner the lights went out. No problem we have a generator. Since it's a portable I have limited loads on the transfer switch. Critical stuff like well pump, lights, TV and computers and of course charging stations for everybody's "devices". We spent the next 22 hours on the generator.

What I don't have connected to the xfer switch is the sump pump circuit. Usually I just run an extension cord from one of the upstairs lighting outlets. Last night I forgot (did I mention we had friends over and they all brought wine? This morning I stepped off the basement stairs into 8 inches of water. While we didn't lose anything important now I have a mess to clean up. Monday I'll call an electrician to connect the sump.
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When I installed my transfer switch that was the 1st thing I made sure was connected. What I did mess up on was not connecting the refrigerator to one of the circuits. So now I use an extension cord for that.
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First level are things like sump pumps, furnace, fridges and freezers. Then, you need a circuit or two in the main part of the house so you can have some lights and watch TV.

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