Joys of retail and consumers interaction


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Joys of retail and consumers interaction

This morning a "hillbilly" type guy comes in (you know the type, missing teeth, long messed up hair, unshaven, holes in his clothes, kind of dirty looking, plaid jacket, etc... I'm not trying stereo type or anything) looking for a heater. Much of the area is without power due to the wind storm of last night. He wants a propane heater. End of the season and we have little left to choose from. He chooses the Mr. Buddy Heater dual propane tank model and a hose adapter kit to use the large grill type propane tanks. He then asks me if both side of the heater will work with one tank? Looking at the box does not indicate one way or the other. I offer my opinion that I suspect that it does, but he can always call the manufacture to clarify. He insist we open the box to look at the user manual. He begins to thumb through and then throws the book back into the box saying he can't be bothered to look at it. I say what difference does it make weather both right and left work with one tank or two as long as you get the heat you need? He then asks me if it will heat his whole house? I tell him no not a whole house. He gets mad and says screw this I'll go someplace else and storms out the door. As if I'm responsible as to the how the unit works and how it is manufactured. This is not our typical customer.
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Look at it this ways, people like that make you appreciate the rest!
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It's possible he could not read.
Been there done that before.
There used to covering up, most common excuse is I forgot my glasses.
I've had to deal with them many times.
The worst one was someone that wanted me to get there sailboat to FL.
He could not read, write, had no idea how to read a chart, or a chart plotter.
Trip from hell.

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