Retail rant #1


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Retail rant #1

Went to a local home improvement store yesterday. One of the major big box stores in the country. They offer a year round 10% discount for military and military retirees.

I brought my purchases to the cashier, showed my DD-2 ID card and asked for the military discount. Something I have done dozens of times before, including at this store. The cashier responded by asking me if I was "in the system." I asked her what system and she replied that I would have to go to customer service to get put in the system and they would give me the discount. Being busy and now a little pissed, I declined, paid and left. My big mistake was paying for my purchases instead of just leaving them at the checkout.

My very first thought was that the store was collecting data that could be sold. If that's true then this particular retailer has sunk to new lowes.
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Not to defend them...but I'm sure some mucky muck felt someone was gaming the system or it was actually happening. Just like cashiers at WM often can't do the tiniest override if a coupon doesn't scan or similar. Having worked at a Big Box, I can tell you...most of the loss is perpetrated by employees in one way or another.
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I think I know who it is. I registered and all I do is scan card and get discount now. I still think to info being collected.
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Next time, take in that stupid Harbor Freight 20% off coupon! They take them every time!
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Ditto what pug said, it's a MyLowe's card that the scanner recognizes as a 10%-er. Must have been a while since you tried for the discount cw, I think they stopped accepting ID card at register last year. And yeah, it tracks purchases and I get an email asking me how I liked my last purchase. So what else is new, unless you're living in a cabin in Montana completely off the grid, you're being tracked by someone (including and it's parents/subsidiaries). All the discount/member/etc cards do it. Not saying I LIKE it, but I can live with it.
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Our store started a rewards program in place of a direct discount. Vets get double points and when a certain amount of points are garnered for every dollar spent a person will be mailed a $5.00 coupon. Most people are reluctant to give us their e-mail. But there is the possibility that we might discontinue our weekly newspaper add. And that ad seems to be a favorite with the local population. The e-mail will duplicate the week newspaper ad. We already discontinued the weekly ad in the small neighborhood papers and those people are upset. But they still don't want to give us their e-mail. I tell them we don't sell it and to use a junk e-mail like AOL or hotmail or other email that they don't regular use. But they complain that we will junk it up. OK then don't give us the info. But don't complain when you miss out on specials and the rewards program that other are using. Take the good with the bad.
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Hey now! What do you mean "junk email like AOL....". I've had my same AOL email account since high speed internet was 14.4Mbps, I'll have you

Of course, every time I give it out I have to threaten people not to laugh.
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Ha. I'm actually amazed that people still is AOL, including several relatives of mine!

But seriously, I have about 5 e-mail accounts. Most of my junk mail goes to these "un-used" accounts which I occasionally look at.

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