Retail rant #2


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Retail rant #2

The deck drive belt on my riding lawnmower broke last week. No big deal, they break at least once every mowing season.

I pulled the mower deck and attempted to install my spare OEM belt, marked with the OEM's P/N, that I bought at a big box last season. It wouldn't fit. The belt seemed to be an inch too short and I couldn't stretch the idler plate spring far enough to reach it's anchor.

Watching my grass grow as I struggled with the belt I gave up and bought a slightly longer (1/2") belt at a local hardware store. a generic belt it is slightly thinner than the original, is still a bit to short and I suspect it won't last long.

Now the rant - I went to the manufacturer's web site and found a replacement belt that crossed to my P/N. Not wanting to pay $40 for a belt that doesn't fit I contacted their customer service by e-mail, provided them with all the specs (model, year, s/n) for my mower and asked them if it would fit. I got an immediate canned response suggesting that I contact one of their local service reps for assistance and a promise to get back to me soon. That was a week ago.
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It's sad that many of today's companies no longer look at customer service as a service to/for the customers. Competency also seems to be in short supply

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