I hate credit card companies


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I hate credit card companies

Not necessarily when I'm using my own cards, but as a business owner they can really be a PITA.

Got business back up and running after the holidays, I had been closed for 11 days. Cleaned out my PO Box, got a letter from credit card processing [not the folks I deal with directly usually, but the next bigger fish in the chain between me and the CC company itself]. Got a chargeback for a rather significant tow in December. Tow was on the 17th, letter dated 25th and postmarked 26th and had a "respond by" date of Jan 4th. That's less than 5 business days by my math and during the holidays! Oh, and the amount was already taken out of my account (it was north of $150). The dispute on the form letter indicated "Fraud" which could any of half a dozen actual complaints. When I called the company they said that was all the info they had from the Credit Card Company itself and all I could do was send in any documentation I had and they would forward it [they're basically the middleman].

BTW, this was one of the major national cards who shall remain unnamed, but not Visa, MC, or Amex.

So I gathered up everything I had and faxed it in same day. Here's the corker: I called to verify receipt on their end and two things got me steamed: (1) The girl said it would be 24 hours or so before they actually had the fax in hand (huh?), but as long as I had the "sent" receipt on my end I was okay. While I had her on the phone I asked in passing about how long this would take to resolve and she said generally about 4 weeks, but that if I am upheld the CC holder could appeal THAT and extend it even further! Meanwhile the money is not in MY account. They can take money from me in a week with little or no proof of wrongdoing, but I have to wait probably a minimum of 4 weeks for resolution? My ace in the hole is that they used the same credit card at the garage I initially towed them to, and that charge was not disputed [my tow was on the repair bill there]. The disputed charge was for a second tow to a distant dealership [where, if I'm lucky, they may also have used that card without dispute]. Oh, and I have the driver/card-holder's signature on my invoice.

Needless to say, I'm no longer accepting that particular credit card [not that any of the others wouldn't do the same thing].

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Interesting...... the card holder called it in as a fraud. That's pretty serious. That's also theft. Fraud is the only time the credit card companies will withdraw funds immediately. Usually they want the customer to work it out or at least to attempt communication with the vendor and then proof of no reply from the vendor.

There will have to be a fraud investigation and of course that takes time. Meanwhile you're out the money. Doubtful you'll get anything extra when the fraud claim is thrown out.

In the past...... taking card payments for over 25 years.... I can guess the company.
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I feel you TG, I had a customer try to fraud me out of repairs to 2 french doors. Spent 5 days on site, over the course of 3 months, never an issue while I was there. We had to work around her schedule as she was an insurance claims person. Several hurricanes caused her and extended absence from home. Everything fine, signed off on the work order (through Amazon) and off I went. Suddenly, got a bad review online and a chargeback indicating fraudulent hit on her card. I was able to defend myself against the chargeback as I has the discussion timeline and all paperwork.

She later hired a third party to discredit my work and tried to scam me out of 2 new french doors to the tune of $4500. Left it to my insurance company and the threatening letters stopped. But as it stands, she basically took a repair, and tried to escalate it into neglect and eventually free doors. Either way, when my insurance company contacted her, she had already received settlement from her insurance for the full amount and the collection company was trying to get reimbursement from me. F**K dealing with the public. This was the last custom job I will ever do for Amazon.

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