18x18 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring


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18x18 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

I am in the middle of re-modeling my bathroom and I have purchased some 18x18 Self-Adhesive Vinyl flooring to put in there. Is it alright to lay this vinyl over the existing vinyl floor or should I lay down a new underlayment over the old vinyl floor?

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Self-adhesive vinyl tiles

Installing 1/4" plywood underlayment for vinyl floors will give you a super smooth and clean surface for a more professional and successful installation. Otherwise, old vinyl would need to be stripped clean and all seams and embossing covered with embossing leveler to prep for a very smooth and clean surface.
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What if there is 2 layers of linoleum already down.. House is aprox 25 years old.

Should I get it tested for asbestos? is it expensive?

I have 18in self stick tiles I got cheap (dirt cheap) and want to use in the entry way of house where existing linoleum runs from front door into kitchen.

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2 layers of vinyl is a no-no, to install over or install " underlayment over.

The underlayment seams will telegraph soon, if you do.

The vinyl needs to go.

One layer of vinyl is OK, as long as it isn't a cushioned vinyl, and it is down tight. Skim coating the existing one layer of vinyl to emboss the textured pattern, so it doesn't telegraph, is standard proceedure.
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I don't think I'd go self stick over embossing leveler.
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K, so how expensive is it to test for asbestos.. Writing this as I will be checking on it tomorrow.. but figure you pro's should know.

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Asbestos in the flooring of a 25 yr old house, kinda slim, unless it is a TRUE linoleum... the manufacture of linoleum has been stopped 30 some yrs ago unless special requested. Older linoleums contained some asbestos. vinyl flooring now-a-days contains fiberglass in the backing for strength.

Most flooring manufacturers warrant a vinyl installation upto 3 layers... I personally would suggest pulling out the existing vinyl, scraping the floor smooth and priming before installing vinyl sticky tiles. Wood floor, make sure that current substrate is in good condition... if not, pull that out too. If there is a substrate not present, lay a 1/4" subfloor first and prep the seams then prime. If concrete pull out existing, scrape clean, prime and lay.

For a substrate leveler (seam patch) keep it smooth, the less scraping, the better. Also, seeing as sticky tiles have a hard time sticking to an embosing leveler... keep the substrate seams tight (the tighter the better) and use the leveler sparingly, then sand excess off to expose as much of the subfloor as possible... I would suggest sanding the seams rather than using a leveler IF at all possible
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Peel & stick will stick well to Ardex SD-F, if you prime it. After days of dry time, to make sure all the moisture is out of it.

Personally I won't install a peel & stick, without flat troweling it with clear spread, and letting it tack up. Acts and works just like contact cement!!!
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Guess I will just try to peel some of it up underneath the dishwasher.. Thats where I found the 2 dif layers. I read around on the asbestos removal stuff but is it only the black adhesive that has asbestos?

I plan to just be as non-destructive about removing it.. even if it doesn't have asbestos.

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