Buckled or lifted Vinyl

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Buckled or lifted Vinyl

Got a 6x9 bath with Vinyl fooring . Against the tub because of a bad treatment of the corner, water obviously got in and under. Floor has buckle about 10in from tub. Rest of the floor is good and solid.

Question is , can this floor be lifted back say 12in and glued back down? Since it is wavy like, can it be layed back flat by heating of some sorts or should I just remove and replace as it is a small area.

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Vinyl repair

You have nothing to lose in attempting a vinyl repair. You can heat vinyl with blow dryer and peel vinyl back and inspect to assure there is not rot or damage to underlayment. Clean area beneath, apply adhesive, rub vinyl into place to eliminate air, and weight down with something heavy. If vinyl sticks successfully, then use silicone caulk around area to protect. You can not install new caulk over old, so it may be best to cut out all old caulk around tub and clean area with mineral spirits and apply new caulk to keep moisture from getting under vinyl.

If repair fails, you always have the option of installing new vinyl. It is very important that areas where moisture may get under vinyl should be well sealed with silicone caulk.
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Thanks for the reply. It was too severe so I had to remove.

A couple of questions:

1) I only had to replace a small section, 4x4 of the 1/4" underlayment. i don't own a compressor and stapler so should I rent one or can I use nails.

2) What's the best caulk as there are many varieties. Silicone, Latex, Silicone/Latex. GE has a Silicone I and II. Polyseam Seal says they are an adhesive caulk.

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did the vinyl lift off the plywood and just leave glue?They have a nailer called a spot nailer that shoots crowned steples that are used for the underlayment you can rent one at the rental store near you.As far as caulk goes use 100% silicone in the areas that are wet and youll eliminate alot of youre problems
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Thanks for the reply Floorman.

No. The old underlayment 1/4" Multiply was wet and damp. I lifted about a 5x3 section which covered the wet area. I layed a new section of Multiply. I think I will rent the stapler.

Ripping off the Vinyl was a pain. First the Vinyl which was on top of a very hard vinly/linoleum. Then a gray paper substance, then glue, then the wood. Is there a trick to getting this. I tried heat and Jasco adhesive remover. Got it down to a light greenish layer. To get to wood may require sanding. (Yes I know about asbestos)
Say, HD rents something called a Vinyl Tile Stripper(elec). What is this .?? Too late for me now but maybe make life easier in the future?

Thanks again.
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the blade for that machine may be too tough for the multy-ply and eat into the wood.Anything you do to the floor to get the vinyl off would more than likley damage the wood underlayment{hot water,solvents etc.}most times you're better off just taking wood and all out.Iasked about the glue cause sometimes the vinyl will release itself from the glue and just lay there.Ithink in this case you are safe as far as asbestoes goes.As long as there is no black glue good luck to ya and let us know how it comes out
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Thanks Floorman. Very strange/funny thing happened. I was using the Jasco adhesive remover and it was satisfactory. In other words won't use it again.

Well, I thought I use Jasco's adhesive primer to maybe seal in the remaining paper on the floor and it turns out that this was the best remover between heat and the adhesive remover. The paper just came off like nothing. I don't know if it is something in the Primer or just the fact that it was more liquid that the remover. To me , the remover is simply their paint stripper in a different can. Anyways, got all the paper off with the primer. Go figure.

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