Peeling Linoleum

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Question Peeling Linoleum

My kitchen linoleum is peeling away from the cabinet base. What type of glue/paste is best to re-adhere and do I need to brace or support the repasted linoleum somehow until dry or is it powerful and/or quick drying enough not to require that? Thanks.
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not sure iknow of anything that will hold them down permanant .Are these edges under the toe kick?if so then use vinyl cove base on the kick to hide the edge.Was this a professional install?if so then get them out to fix.Around the outside edges of the cabinets you may have to use 1/4 round
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Thanks, Floorman! I don't know if it was a professional install, but it was done by a "professional"! Unfortunately the builder is only responsible for structural issues at this time, so it's up to me to fix. I've learned a great deal to watch if I ever build again (and which builder not to use!)

Follow-up question(s) - This is under the toe kick. The linoleum has not only peeled from the cabinet base, but it has also curled. I've not seen uninstalled cove base yet, but from reading/watching installation guides, it sounds somewhat pliable. Will the cove base & adhesive be strong enough to hold if I install over the curled linoleum? Should I cut the linoleum down somewhat so there's more adhesion directly to the cabinets? If so, does a utility knife work to cut linoleum?

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dont know if i would cut the vinyl just cut the cove base tight and kinda force thevinyl dow should go fairly easily.Is this house union built?if so then contact the union they will send someone free of charge to assess the situation,even if it is'nt you may try the local carpenters or floorlayers witchever you have there they send someone out anyway just for the simple reason to get another one on their side
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All sheet vinyl should have shoe molding or round around the entire perimeter of the installation to keep the vinyl shrinking and curling unseen.

Vinyl will always curl. It is the nature of the beast. The wear layer has more plasticizers then the felt backing. As the plasticizers are released, more is released from the wear layer, and shrinks at a faster rate then the backing, so curling occurs.

Caulking isn't going to hold it down. A trim molding is a must!!! If trim wasn't used, they cut that corner, or they are not educated on vinyl installations. Just get it in and get the check!

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