do I need to remove vinyl floor first?

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do I need to remove vinyl floor first?

I am planning to install a vinyl floor in our kitchen in our 80 year old home. There is currently a vinyl floor on top of a wooden subfloor. Since the wooden subfloor is a bit raised from adjoining rooms, I believe it was layed down on some previous flooring. (By the way, the previous owner installed the vinyl sheet in 1995 , so asbestos is not an issue)

I realize I can lay down vinyl flooring on top of the previous vinyl flooring, but how many times can I do this? In a few years we are planning to move and keep the house as a rental, and I anticipate having to replace the vinyl periodically. At what point do you have to stop layering the floors and actually tear them out?

Secondly, the current vinyl floor is curling in places and is torn in others. What kind of product do I need to make these repairs before installing the new vinyl?

Thirdly, we have though about installing vinyl tile instead of vinyl sheet because it appears easier. However, it would seem to me that the tile would not last as long- especially in a kitchen that gets a lot of use and needs to be cleaned often. Any thoughts?

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Do not install a third layer of vinyl. No vinyl manufactuers will warranty their goods in a third layer, but that is not your biggest issue.

In an 80 year old home, chances are good you have asbestos in the old flooring. You don't really want to be messing with it.
"encapsulating" it is the best (and cheapest) solution

If height will allow, add a layer of 3/8 inch PLYWOOD (NOT OSB or particle board) Install it over the old floor countersinking the ring shank nails and filling the holes and seams with Adrex Feather Finish (SD-F) .Then find yourself a nice "solid vinyl tile",Nacfo is nice, stay away from Congoleum Durastone. Follow all the installation istructions, right down to the the size of the notches in the trowel you spread the glue with. The trowel notches "measure" the glue going on the floor.

The peel and stick stuff sold is crap and you'll be sorry you did it when they are peeling up all over the place and end up in a landfill.

If height is an issue, I'd have a pro come in an look at it, ripping out floors with asbestos is a whole other thread and kind of an ordeal, do a lot of reaseach before you do it. Asbestos dust is not something you want in your lungs.

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