Vinyl tiles

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Vinyl tiles

I am laying 12x12 self stick tiles in a bathroom. I feel good about the project thanks to this great forum, but I am a bit confused about a couple things. Its recommended that I put down a 1/4 underlayment I have learned. Luan I think it was called. Is this the same thing as 1/4 plywood? I have ring shank underlayment nails to put down the floor, but someone was saying to staple it? Which is best? I also am assuming that I cut around toilet, and just butt the new subfloor up to it. And what is the best way to handle the door frames?
Now once the luan is down, and I have patched and leveled the floor, I have a latex primer to put down. After that dries, I am ready to start laying out the floor right? Someone said I needed to put down an adhesive or glue, because glue on the self siick tiles wont hold over time. Well that sort of defeats the purpose of buying a self stick tile doesn't it? Is that really necessary?
Thank you for your time in responding.

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No it is not the same as plywood ,it has a smoother surface better for laying tile over .

You want to remove the toilet and not try to fit anything to it ,it will make for a better job.

If at all possible use crown staples to nail this floor down,if you have to use ring shanks you'll have to patch all the nail heads.

The primer will take the place of the glue.The glue on the backs of these peel and stick tile is not sufficient to hold the tile down for very long so you need to put something there besides the glue.

After the patch dries you want to sand tose seams down a little to knock off any high spots and to make sure it is level,also you want to patch all the seams twice cause the patch will shrink as it dries
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Thanks for the info floorman

I see your from Missouri also. I have four different areas I want to put a new floor in- both upstairs bathrooms, the kitchen, and utility room. These are the areas that this cheap sheet lenoleum was laid down by the builder. The house is about 4 years old.
I want to lay a pergo or swiftlock type woodfloor in the kitchen. We may go ceramic tile in the main bathroom. Is there any chance I could just patch and primer the existing subfloor upstairs and bypass the luon? Are you from the Springfield area or can you recommend someone?

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For Pergo or other laminate installation product, you should not need the luan. Different laminate manufacturer's tend to have very specific instructions regarding subfloor prep, acclimation, and installation of their products. Read and follow directions carefully.

For ceramic tile, a concrete underlayment board (CUB) is recommended. This provides a very stiff underlayment to prevent cracked grout and possible cracked tiles.

Installing vinyl over vinyl is a do-at-your-own risk project. Vinyl should be in good condition and secure to the floor. Many DIYers, however, use embossing levelers and patching materials to make existing vinyl smooth for installation of new vinyl. It should be noted that any imperfection in vinyl under new vinyl will show and tend to cause wear in those areas.
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Thank you for your response twelvepole-

Yes, we are planning on laying the pergo right on top of the existing sheet lenoleum in the kitchen area. I would not try to put the 12x12 self stick tiles right on top of the lenoleum in the bathroom. That has to come up without a doubt in my opinion. My question concerns more with the subfloor. The floor is in good condition, only about 4 years old, and is upstairs. If I patched and primered that floor, I could bypass the luon. Would that be wise, or should I spend a bit more and put down the luon?
Thank you for your time
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For the prep time involved, new underlaymant is the quicker easier way to go compared to using embossing leveler.
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I'm in st louis ,and i don't know any installers in springfield but have traveld there a few times to work though.

You want to put the luan down cause you will never get that subfloor flat or smooth eneough to lay the vinyl over.Get the luan it's only $10.00 a sheet and use that,you will sleep better my friend trust me.

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