Best flooring for puppies/dogs

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Best flooring for puppies/dogs

We recently removed carpeting in family room area (15x28). Pups (Schnauzers) are "almost" housebroken but accidents do happen. Any suggestions as to what type of flooring would be best? We've read about Pergo, vinyl, & linoleum but are still unsure. Even though Pergo locks into place, won't urine penetrate thru cracks to padding? And if it does, what can be done to remove odor without damaging floor?
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sheet goods, like vinyl or lineoleum, like you see in kennels & veterinarians' offices.
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Puppy Clean-up

I have four dogs of my own and I own a local Janitorial company. Sheet flooring, like lineoleum is good because there are no seems. Although this is not always the most aestheticly pleasing floor. Pergo or other laminate can work, but you don't want to use the glueless kind. Regular glued laminate seals the seems so there should be no fear of moisture seeping. Obviously stay away from carpet. Cermaic tile can work, you would want a glazed or honed tile and a dark grout. Seal the grout at least once per year with a high quality sealer. I only recomend Stone Care International for your tile maintenance. You can hire companies to deep clean the tile and grout, which will remove odors if they know what they are doing. Look for someone using a "Turbo" tile cleaner hooked up to a truck mounted carpet cleaning system.

If you have a concrete sub floor you could also stain/paint/seal the concrete which can look really great if done right. It can even be made to look like tile, or have other designs incorporated. Since there would be a seal on top of the floor there would be no fear of absorbtion by the concrete. If your subfloor is wood, look into a possible concrete overlay. They can also do overlays on concrete which then alows the concrete to be died instead of painted.

I have pergo glueless in my house and have never had a problem. It may be becuse since I have a sub conrete floor I had to lay a moisture barrier sheet. I used a two in one moisture barrier and padding. Also the way the planks "snap together" may prevent urine from seeping below.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!!
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We have a labrador retriever who was a puppy when we were choosing new flooring for our living room & kitchen, so we took wear/tear and cleanup into high consideration!

We chose slate tiles in the kitchen, and I love it so much that we're planning to use it in our bathroom(s), and also considering it for our family room. It's hearty as anything, lovely to look at, hides dirt (and dog hair!) very well, and dries almost instantly. I cannot fully express how much we love the slate

For our living room, we chose pre-finished Maple. We chose a darker finish (again, to hide fur, dirt, etc). It's fantastic, reasonably hearty, and stands up well to everything our family (including 2 boys) does to it. If you're looking for perfection, this isn't the direction to go...because it DOES get dings & scratches. But, to us, that only adds to the charm! At some point, we can refinish it (sand it down). For now, with our active family, that isn't high on our list of priorities!

With any of the options you've mentioned, I wouldn't worry a whole lot about the urine issue. If you cleanup well (I recommend Nature's Miracle pretty quickly after the accident, it shouldn't be a problem. I mean, you don't have 10 dogs peeing all day long on the floor!
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I have remodeled my own home as well as some apartments. If you have pets that are not totally house broken yet and they use corners, walls or floors where the waste can penetrate to the subfloor, spray the area with clorox to kill the fungi that can begin to grow. If the fungi is not killed, it could lead to bigger problems in the future, i.e. mold and bacteria, that is not healthy for anyone, and would become a lot more costly. To help protect things I replaced most of the carpet with lanolium in the apts.

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