Corner is coming up on my Peel and Stick Tile

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Corner is coming up on my Peel and Stick Tile

One of my peel and stick vinyl tiles is coming up in the corner. I have replacement tiles, but I don't know if I should:

1) try and repair the corner
2) put another one over the existing tile
3) remove the old one and put a new one down. If so, what is the best way to remove the tile?

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I'm not an expert, but if you have extra tiles, I would vote for trying to repair, first, depending on how much of the tile corner is coming up. ( If it is more than just a small amount (1/4")coming up, I would replace.) It seems like maybe the subfloor may have been dirty, or the tiles were not rolled after installation to provide good adhesion.
I know there are adhesives that you can use, but be careful - if you have too much adhesive down, it may ooze onto the existing tiles.
I definitely would not put another tile over the first - think about it - you would have one tile that is higher than all of the rest of the floor! : )

As for removing the tile, you can probably use a broad (3") putty knife - gently put the edge under the raised portion - and SLOWLY work the tile up. Once the tile is removed, clean the area, making sure that you do not use alot of water - it can get under the other tiles if they are not adhered securely. Let it dry thoroughly - I even suggest overnight. You should then be able to set the new tile exactly in the space left by the removed tile. Make sure that the tile is adhered evenly, and use a roller to set it. Do not wash that floor area for about 5 days to allow the adhesive to set.

That said- once again, I'm not an expert, but I have done this before in a tile installation I learned from!
Any experts care to chime in?

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