Removed kitchen vinyl flooring, asbestos exposure?

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Removed kitchen vinyl flooring, asbestos exposure?

Hi All,

I'm an East Coaster living in CA, and was unaware that vinyl floor covering contained asbestos. I'm concerned about possible abestos exposure as I just removed vinyl flooring from my kitchen.
The house was built in 1978, however the flooring appears to be a second installation sometime later.
Removal process was a list of some of the worst ways to remove vinyl flooring I guess.
Flooring was leveled up with the flat end of a pry bar, in mostly large pieces from theconcrete.
The guy removing the flooring seemed to get most of the flooring, but there is a significant amount of the gray felt(?) material still down. We later swept once or twice, and this was all done dry.
Not sure if this is a plus, but there was not a lot of dust raised at all during this process, and there were a number of windows open with a door on the opposite side of the room supplying a good little gust across the work area and out the windows.

There are a surprising number of sites for DIY home remodelers that do not mention the asbestos issue at all unfortunately.

Once I found this site, I went out and got a HEPA filter for my shopvac, and wet the area down and vacumed up while wearing an approved respirator.
I then covered the flooring area in question with plastic drop sheets.
Also had a sample of the flooring and mastick sent out for asbestos testing. At this time I am assuming the worst and want to remediate based upon that assumption until or if the testing comes back negative for asbestos.

My question now is how worried should I be?
I realize the dangers are not normally immediate, however as this is a split level house, do I need to worry about contamination of rugs and rooms upstairs where I walked about with potentially contaminated clothing, or rising dust when working the other day?
Should I spend the weekend washing walls and getting a HEPA vac to vacuum the carpets?
Aside the exposure during removal, I'd hate to make it worse by walking and breathing in any unnecessarily until I can get the area entombed in a concrete moisture blocking epoxy.

I feel like strangling my buddy who is helping me remodel, as he used to do popcorn ceiling removal and knows how too do it with the bunny suits, water and wet vac, etc.
He thinks the vinyl was new enough to not really be a problem. If this vinyl flooring dated to ~1989, would it have contained less asbestos?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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Only an asbestos test will tell if asbestos was present. The microscopic airborne particles are inhaled, so it is best to have floor covering and adhesive tested before beginning removal. Asbestos was outlawed in building materials in 1983. If floor covering was installed in 1989, it likely did not contain asbestos.
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Thanks, thats what I'm hoping the tests show. I'm pretty sure though that a small parque floor removed which has a black or dark brown glue is original too......


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