Gluing sheet vinyl over sheet vinyl

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Exclamation Gluing sheet vinyl over sheet vinyl

I have another project I'll be starting. My laundry room sits over the concrete slab and currently has sheet vinyl over it. The vinyl is tight and fairly flat. Can I glue another sheet of vinyl over this with no other preperation than cleaning the existing vinyl well and using a good (water base?) glue. Thanks again.
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Almost. The existing vinyl most likely has a pattern of some sort. If you don't eliminate this pattern, it will telegraph through onto the surface of the new layer. This pattern is referred to as "embossing" because it is embossed or pressed into the vinyl during the manufacturing process. You'll need to go to a well supplied flooring store and get some embossing leveler. The amount will depend on the size of the area to be done. The leveler will tell you how many square feet it typically covers. It will consist of a kit comprised of a container of a white milky looking liquid and a bag of powder. It is made specifically for this purpose. It is made to spread extremely thin so it just fills in the low parts of the pattern. Use a flat trowel and press firmly as you're spreading it so you get as much excess off as possible. Once it sets up, it's very tough so be very careful to spread it evenly and leave no globs or ridges. Constantly check your work as you go while you can still get to it and correct while it's still wet. If you miss any, don't try to go back and correct while it's just skinned over. You'll mess it up royally. Wait until enough of it gets light gray, which indicates it's dry enough to get on it, and then go back and "carve" any globs, drips, or ridges down flat with the sharp edge of the trowel. This stuff does not work well to patch bad spots in the existing vinyl. Go over the floor beforehand, cut out any bad spots, and patch them with a good floor patch. My personal preference is Ardex Feather Finnish. The floor must be very clean and free of any wax in order for the leveler to stick. The leveler has a lot of ammonia in it so work with the doors and windows open. Even then, you'll taste the stuff for hours afterward.

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