asbestos tile?

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asbestos tile?

Started to pull up and replace the carpet in my basement and found vinyl tile underneath. Im assuming since the house i live in was built in the 60s it contains asbestos. I didn't think of this however till after i had already popped up 5 or 6 tiles i broke 2 in half in the process. Is there any real danger in the ones i broke? The tile doesn't look to good and is getting some bubbles im guessing from moisture? whats my best option here? I dont have tons of money to spend on having it professionally done. Name:  image.jpg
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Why are you removing the tile? They can be safely covered with carpet. No, I would not worry about the ones you removed. Asbestos is only dangerous when it becomes friable (basically a powder) .And yes, those are probably asbestos and so is the adhesive, in fact, the adhesive contains more asbestos than the tile. The only way to be sure is to have it tested.
The EPA has always said to cover them if at all possible when they are not friable
You can use floor patch to level the area where you have already removed the tile or you can try to stick them back.
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To my understanding, rules regarding the safe removal of asbestos mainly apply when the building isn't a single-family dwelling. In that sense, removing asbestos materials from one's own home doesn't require the same sort of double-airlock entry and negative pressure with filtration as a commercial abatement would, but it's still wise to use plenty of water to contain asbestos fibers if one chooses to remove asbestos materials.

In your case, if you choose to leave the floor, I suggest buying a few modern floor tiles to replace the asbestos tiles, and cutting the new tiles to fit as needed. If you choose to remove all of the abestos tiles, you should apply plenty of water to the floor and work area so that as the tiles break they don't release fibers, and you need to look up proper disposal methods for your area. Generally commercial abatement requires double-bagging and securely taping shut with a certain thickness bag and labelling the waste as asbestos, but I'm not sure how that would go with a personal abatement.

As to your own exposure you're probably just fine. The bulk of those with health effects due to asbestos exposure have faced a lot more that a couple of cracked floor tiles. You probably got more exposure in school quarterly than this gave you. Granted, they don't really have figures on effects from miniscule exposure, and there are no guarantees, but generally if you're not regularly working with it or occupying a space that's continually contaminated then you're probably not going to suffer for it.

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