Professional flooring job or ?


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Professional flooring job or ?

Good Morning.
I'm in a jam.
I live in a homeowners association (HOA) in Los Angeles.

I ended up with an excavated hole in my bathroom floor (and with the toilet removed) in order to repair a below-slab plumbing leak. The HOA management company hired a contractor to put my bathroom back together -- the same contractor that jackhammered the hole to look for the leaking pipe.

Two days ago the job was finished. This is what I see:

[1] The new linoleum floor has lots of small bubbles in it. The surface feels very uneven. I can push down on a bubble with my thumb. When I release, the bubble comes back up. (The contractor called the flooring "lino" and said it was not vinyl. But I think it might be vinyl. It is thinner than the linoleum I have seen at Linoleum City and Home Depot.)

[2] There is no caulking bead along the joint between the bathtub and the floor.

[3] The contractor did not clean the old caulk off the base of the toilet bowl before re-mounting it. Also he did not caulk around the base of the bowl.

[4] The toilet originally was mounted with plastic washers on the bolts coming up from the flange. The washers had plastic caps that snapped on to cover the bolt heads. Now I can see the bolt heads and nuts.

[5] Either the angle-stop valve or the flex-tube sourcing water to the toilet tank is leaking.

[6] The contractor did replace the 1/4-round along the baseboard but in a couple of places it does not butt up against an adjacent molding. Also, where the 1/4-round butts up against door framing (which is thinner and therefore does not come out over the floor as much), the 1/4-round is cut at a 90-degree angle, instead of at a 45-degree angle the way the old 1/4-round was cut.

[7] When one bathroom door was sealed prior to jackhammering the concrete, heavy duty tape was used. When the tape was pulled off, the adhesive also pulled off chips of paint so that I could see bare wood underneath. Now it is painted over (a good color match). But I can still see the chip indentations.

[8] Carpet under the two bathroom doors was secured to the slab above the old flooring with brass colored metal strips that covered the edge of the carpet. Now these strips are not secured to the floor. One strip can easily be lifted. The other has caulking oozing out.

[9] The contractor was gone for a while and I was not sure whether he was actually finished or not. I found him outside. He said he was done and was just cleaning up. I went inside to check out the job, immediately saw some of the above items and went back outside to discuss them but he was gone.

Is it standard practice at the end of a job for the contractor to announce job completion and/or invite inspection by the homeowner?

Is this within flooring industry best practices? Or even acceptable practices?

Please advise at your earliest convenience. I am about to complain in writing to the HOA management company.

Thanks for your help in assessing this situation.
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Did they find and repair the leaking pipe ?

Is this within flooring industry best practices?
"Best practices" leaves a lot of room open for interpretation.

It sounds more like you have an issue with the unworkmanshiplike work that was performed in your unit. Basically shoddy workmanship. Inform management that you are not pleased with the work. I'd imagine a few pictures would be handy in this case.

A leak should be corrected immediately.
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Sounds like he did a horrible job. I would complain to whoever Is the responsible party and just tell them that the work is unacceptable.
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Yes, I think it is a horrible job. As a homeowner I do not think the HOA should have to pay for it.

What are typical curing times for "quik set" concrete" (that was used to fill the hole in the slab), and for vinyl flooring adhesive?
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Yes, PJmax. The leak (a pin hole in a straight copper (hot) run under the slab) was repaired by a different (plumbing) contractor.
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It would be interesting for us to see pictures of what you are describing, also.

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